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Thousand Fell - A Radical Revamp to Simplify

Thousand Fell - A Radical Revamp to Simplify

Thousand Fell wanted us to help them redesign their site to look great and to help revamp their store's back-end to make it easier to use, update, and build on. They wanted an autonomous solution, and we were excited to help them achieve it.

Our mission was to revamp Thousand Fell while giving them better control over their site and ongoing support when needed. We also worked on boosting SEO and CRO to add value to Thousand Fell in various ways.

What we did

  • Redesign
  • SEO and Content Optimization
  • CRO+
  • eCommerce

How we did it

The cornerstone of our approach to Thousand Fell was to create sustainability and self-sufficiency in the design and development improvements. To achieve this, we decided to dive deep into Thousand Fell’s analytics.

Overall, we were impressed with Thousand Fell’s brand strength. We knew that our goal was to use that power as part of the plan to map the best path to purchase.

With the data we revealed in our CRO+ audit, we could make data-driven improvements without losing any of the excellent brand integrity this innovative brand had already firmly established.

We updated the product page to make it easier to use. Product pages inform potential customers about your products, entice them to buy from you, and help improve SEO rankings. We added a second button, updated text fields for the home page, and developed a custom image for the Featured Collection section and collection pages.

We redesigned the Thousand Fell eCommerce store to tell their story better. We ensured that it was clear what the product was and why buying it was a good idea.


We love the changes we’ve made, and the metrics are impressive! We look forward to continuing our work with Thousand Fell on many more exciting projects!

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