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State Bags - Working Together For The Long-Haul

State Bags - Working Together For The Long-Haul

State Bags not only makes really cool products. This fantastic company also uses the power of business to shift narratives around social injustices.

We love that every time someone buys a product from State Bags, they support needy children and families. They also donate fully-packed backpacks at bag drop rallies and have various initiatives to promote awareness of social injustices. Buying a gorgeous, high-quality bag has never felt this good!

This is why we are thrilled to be working with State Bags and will work together in the long term. Our teams joined forces when the development company they worked with was slow to respond. We took over and worked together, doing great things ever since.

What we did

  • Made CMS editable
  • Improve autonomy
  • Improved the personalizer
  • Enhanced how the warehouse interacts with the personalizer
  • Improved collection page and filtering
  • Helped increase KPIs

How we did it

We met with State Bags and learned that one of their most significant needs was to forge a meaningful relationship with a responsive, hands-on company. They needed somebody to provide long-term support and work, but they also wanted to improve autonomy. This was only the beginning - we’ve achieved several milestones over the years.

We developed the site's back end to make the CMS editable. These changes gave State Bags power over all their store updates and enabled them to do the day-to-day running of the store autonomously.

We improved the personalizer, making it fun and easy for customers to add initials with their choice of color and font onto the bag and add badges and symbols to give it their personal stamp. Our development changes also streamlined processes by improving how the warehouse interacts with the personalizer.

By improving the collection page and how customers filter the products, we made it easier for them to find what they are interested in quickly and efficiently. These changes improved the customer experience, which is a surefire way to boost brand loyalty and conversions!


Our changes resulted in an overall increase in performance, and we knocked the KPIs out of the park! We love working with this team and look forward to more years of crushing goal after goal while being part of a team that does something good. Double win!

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