Raw Generation - HooRAW! For Steady Growth

Raw Generation - HooRAW! For Steady Growth

Raw Generation was interested in a fresh new look for their already established brand. We know that revitalizing an eCommerce site would need more than just a tweak here and a splash of color there.

We stripped it down to the basics and tightened up this vibrant company’s checkout funnel, resulting in fewer lost transactions, more products added to the cart, and more people reaching the checkout.

What we did

  • eCommerce
  • CRO
  • Design

How we did it

The ingredients for a true revamp include making data-driven and informed UX and UI design and development improvements. It’s not all about getting technical to make the numbers shine but also about maintaining brand integrity with all changes made.

Our customers have unique brand voices and are always safe with us. We love them just the way they are! We just want to help them show the world their awesomeness in the best possible way (while improving their bottom line in the process!) And that is exactly what we did with Raw Generation

We started with a comprehensive audit and discovered that we should improve the information on the home page and improve scrolling and navigation on the site. To achieve this, we introduced and implemented changes like bi-directional scrolling to make it easier for users to navigate the site.

We also added visual cues, including directional arrows, page numbers, ‘dots’ along the bottom of the page to show which section the user is in, and a link to the start visible at all times.

We improved the check-out process with step-based functionality and a single option “Checkout” button, leading to a page with a small set of options to choose from.


When we redesigned Raw Generation’s eCommerce site, we focused on making data-driven design decisions. We focused on steady and growing CRO wins. Overall, we had excellent results and loved working with the team at Raw Generation. Here’s to many more happy and healthy years of eCommerce bliss for this fantastic company!

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