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Alison Lou - A Fun Redesign For A Fine Jewelry Company

Alison Lou - A Fun Redesign For A Fine Jewelry Company

Alison Lou is a bespoke jewelry company with a special bridal section we adore. They craft classic bridal jewelry with unexpected twists, like colorful enamel platings and solid-gold settings.

After two other agencies and their developers tried their hand at perfecting the Alison Lou web design, we gave it a whirl. Our team spruced up the store and revamped the functionality and flow. Our next step was to get it to the finish line and live in no time.

Third time lucky, right!? No, there was no luck involved, we’re just great at what we do!

What we did

  • Redesign
  • Improved hovers and dropdowns
  • Improved flow

How we did it

We made meaningful, data-driven design improvements to attract Alison Lou’s target market and drive conversions. We set up the eCommerce store so they could manage it autonomously, making establishing long-term scalability and sustainability easier.

We worked with Alison Lou to plan the perfect design. We made sure the site had the following elements:

  • An easy-to-use UIX that makes the shopping process simple and enjoyable for customers.
  • A clean esthetic that would clearly display high-quality photos. We wanted customers to be able to visualize their purchases, driving sales.
  • Simplified shop categories and collections so that customers can easily navigate to the area they’re interested in.
  • Improved navigation and functionality.
  • Functional and beautiful elements, including hover states, dropdowns, buttons, and fonts.

We also maximized Shopify’s features to help drive revenue.


The result is a beautiful website that is worthy of its stunning products and collections and a firm foundation for future developments. And, of course, a happy client. We can’t wait to continue working with Alison Lou in the years to come. To create a firm foundation for future developments.

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