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Rae of Light - A Clever Customizer at Lightspeed

Rae of Light - A Clever Customizer at Lightspeed

Rae of Light is an accessories company that created an excellent customizable product at an affordable price. The company wanted their website to match their clever concept. They needed to make it easier (and more fun!) for customers to customize their products in the store and get an idea of what it would look like once it's purchased and shipped to them. Rae of Light also needed the job done pretty quickly, and we were happy to oblige.

What we did

  • Redesign
  • Feature development
  • Design system implementation

How we did it

After meeting with Rae of Light, it was clear what our goal was: We had to make meaningful data-driven improvements to their online store while also giving them the skills to manage their store autonomously.

We updated the online store’s design and made sure it provided a firm foundation for potential future developments. We gave Rae of Light carefully selected options for a new theme. Our aim was to make all the pages of the site match without unnecessary additional costs associated with further customization.

It was important to find the perfect theme that would suit the brand while also working seamlessly with the customizer’s functionality. After choosing a new theme, we set it up and ensured that all functionality was in order.

We created a digital design system to maintain Rae of Light’s brand congruity and integrity. The process involved reviewing the existing branding and creating a system that included:

  • Fonts
  • Buttons
  • Hover states, etc.

We created a custom feature that ensures that the Rae of Light customizer is simple to use and that it becomes an integral part of increasing conversions and checkouts. The tailored customizer feature includes the following:

  • A dynamic font-family selector
  • Dynamic sizing options
  • A clutch color selection - including patterns
  • Clasp color/type selection
  • Font color selection
  • A file upload option

We developed the feature to be robust and user-friendly. It requires minimal input from developers to manage.


Rae of Light allows customers to customize an affordable but adorable accessory. The concept is innovative and fun, so we wanted the site and the process to reflect this. The feature development did precisely that, and the retheme was a perfect fit!

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