MDSolarSciences - Rethink, Retheme, Redesign

MDSolarSciences - Rethink, Retheme, Redesign

MDSolarSciences was going through a rebrand and needed a retheme and for their site to be updated. They didn’t know where to start with this monumental task and approached us to help. We knew that we had to tackle the site with a mobile FIRST experience in mind and then drive it home with the desktop improvements.

What we did:

  • Redesign
  • Retheme
  • CRO+

How we did it

We simplified rebranding with this innovative company as we worked with them to do a radical revamp. Our strategy involved upgrading the MDSolarSciences site with a mobile FIRST look and improved functionality. We trained the team before handing over the reins so they could keep it fresh.

We worked on optimizing the site for improved traffic and conversion rate and minimized custom coding requirements while building on a robust framework.

After tackling and optimizing the MDSolar Sciences mobile site, we revamped the desktop to enhance the brand and story, boosting engagement and conversion rates.


We loved working with MDSolar Sciences and are super pleased with their increase in revenue, conversion rate, and average order value. As part of future-proofing MDSolar Sciences’ digital presence, we ensured that all of the branding elements were firmly in place. It minimized further design revisions. We made sure that we hard-coded as little as possible so that MDSolar Sciences has the flexibility to make edits autonomously.

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