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Hoff & Pepper: Hot Source Code

Hoff & Pepper: Hot Source Code

"Make Every Meal Taste Amazing" is the new Hoff & Pepper eCommerce store headline. This range of small-batch handmade hot sauces really delivers on taste. What TVP eCommerce had to do was ensure that the migration and design updates for this fiery brand delivered an amazing experience for customers.

What we did

  • Shopify Store Migration
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Theme Development

How we did it

We migrated the Hoff & Pepper eCommerce store from Squarespace to Shopify without any downtime, hassle, or wayward URLs.

We added custom elements to the site to ensure that the site remained informative without looking too much like a regular eCommerce store. We wanted customers to be able to browse recipes and learn about the brand, not just shop.

Our cohesive digital design system included custom elements like:

  • The Hoff & Pepper Heat Score
  • A featured recipe section
  • A fully custom recipe page, and recipe listing page


"Excellent experience. I have worked with TVP in the past at the previous company I worked at. So when I left my tech job to expand my own hot sauce company, I knew who to call. I am very pleased with the design and implementation of the store and the constant communication we had in order to ensure a smooth launch. I've been a part of over 200 web and app platform launches in my 20+ year career in tech consulting, and this was definitely one of the smoothest and most worry-free. Thanks, TVP!"

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