Solve Data Silo Challenges

Data Science for eCommerce Growth

We offer end-to-end solutions for technical data analytics, covering data collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualization.

We won't sell you a data platform; we provide actionable data analysis on ALL platforms.

Our Analytics & Auditing Solves

  • Lack of real-time data insights
  • Limited scalability of analytics solutions
  • Data silos
  • Understanding marketing data

Does Your Data Drive Growth?

Comprehensive solutions for aggregating and integrating data from disparate sources, ensuring a unified view for analysis.

Leveraging data analytics enables businesses to stay ahead of the competition by identifying market trends, customer preferences, and emerging opportunities. Data-driven insights can fuel innovation, drive revenue growth, and position organizations for long-term success.

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Where is your Data?

It's everywhere. It's also likely that you're not getting the whole story. Total Commerce Data Science looks at all the data, from all your departments and gives you a single source of data truth.

Remove Data Silos

Integrate Your Data

Our team of experts combines technical prowess with analytical acumen to interpret data across platforms to tell the real story.

Shopify Analytics

Sales Reporting

Customer Reporting

Product Reporting

Google Analytics

GA4 Event Reporting

GTM Integrations

Dashboards, Funnel Viz

Microsoft Clarity


Click Tracking Recordings

Real-time Analysis

Elevar Data Layer

Data layer integration

Visual Tagger

First-Party data analysis


Personalized Search

Category Merchandising

Content, UGC, behavioral analysis