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A Pup Above: It's a Dog's Life!

A Pup Above: It's a Dog's Life!

A Pup Above approached TVP eCommerce with their new design and asked us to make it happen. It’s a common ask from eCommerce entrepreneurs, and we are experts at taking a full design and developing it on the Shopify platform.

What we did

  • Custom Development
  • Design Implementation
  • ReCharge Integration & Customization

How we did it

TVP took the new designs for A Pup Above and turned them into a fully custom site for this growing brand. We transformed the 2D vision into a vibrant and exceptional experience for pup parents.

The design of the site was just one element of this build. We had to tackle eCommerce functionality and transform it from an idea on the drawing board to a functional development project with a number of complex development asks.

We custom-developed the site flow and section animations based on the design and ensured that the UX vision in the design was realized.

Working with ReCharge, we provided a flawless subscription module for the A Pup Above eCommerce site. We work with various excellent subscription apps and have expert knowledge of developing custom elements for a unique customer experience.


Besides working with us on the custom development, custom design implementation, and the ReCharge integration, A Pup Above chose TVP eCommerce as their long-term development partner. We continue to provide ongoing digital development as a technical partner. With continued growth and sustained development, A Pup Above is now truly a cut above the rest.

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