Sweet Nothings - Sweet CRO Wins

Sweet Nothings - Sweet CRO Wins

Sweet Nothings was initially interested in an audit and some slight adjustments to their website to improve CRO. We worked with them on growth, conversion, and eCommerce tactics and got impressive results with a significant lift in online revenue and site visits.

The following year, we had to re-evaluate our tactics because the pandemic affected best practices for online stores in the digital landscape. Shopping behavior has changed dramatically since the start of COVID-19, and many eCommerce stores saw unprecedented growth in traffic and sales.

What we did

  • CRO+
  • Design
  • eCommerce
  • How we did it

When doing a design and store overhaul for an established brand like Sweet Nothings, we don’t just do a tweak here and there, and we certainly don’t scrap everything and start over. Instead, we temper what’s already working on our customer’s site for THEIR customers. We keep brand equity intact and maintain the integrity of the overall message

We started with an in-depth audit. Our goal was to use this data to recommend and implement strategies that will result in sustainable performance enhancements geared for future scaling and improvements.

After exploring Sweet Nothings’ website and analytics, we had some interesting findings and decided to take a phased approach during which we:

  • Made design and development changes to the collection page.
  • Did site fixes.
  • Addressed glitches.
  • Enhanced menu and navigation design and development.
  • Updated the cart.
  • Improved the eCommerce store based on initial CRO+ audit findings.
  • Improved conversions.
  • Improved SEO.
  • Improved general UI/UX best practices.


It was clear that the fixes and improvements we made to Sweet Nothings had an overwhelmingly positive effect on the metrics. Mobile conversions drastically improved, and there were steady gains in desktop conversions. We love working with this super company and look forward to what we can achieve together in the future.

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