Blue Ocean Traders - A Complex Build To Simplify Trading

Blue Ocean Traders - A Complex Build To Simplify Trading

Blue Ocean Traders is a trade-only wholesale company that imports exceptional vintage and handcrafted items. They required a complex build that caters to buyers stocking their unique products, from independent boutiques to national, multi-store chains. 

What we did

  • New build
  • Redesign
  • eCommerce 

How we did it 

We redesigned the site to have an exciting new landing page with added functionality. While the page is stylish and inviting, it is locked outside of the landing page and signup form. We also made some intricate changes to the shop's overall functionality and did some fun technical changes, including:

  • A complex Netsuite integration with custom classes, departments, and locations for sales orders.
  • Setting up POS (point of sale) for trade shows integrated with barcode scanners. We did this by mapping online orders into Netsuite's sale orders.
  • Creating a link in Netsuite for the customer to securely complete credit card information, which was then tokenized and assigned back to their profile.

The Solupay integration with Netsuite ensured a secure route for credit card information and helped streamline the checkout process. 

We also:

  • Automated a freight surcharge.
  • Added functionality to set minimum case packs on selected products.
  • Added functionality for a cart minimum.
  • Made the shopping cart only available for logged in customers.
  • Gave sales staff privileges that allows them to see live inventory status.
  • Migrated 1,400 products and 15,000 customers. 


This complex build matched Blue Ocean Traders' distinctive product range and simplified operations and trading. Setting up POS for trade shows minimized effort because it removed the need for manually entering orders into NetSuite. The changes to the checkout process streamlined the user experience, and the other functions made operations more efficient. 

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