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American Thoracic Society - High-Tech Management Solutions

American Thoracic Society - High-Tech Management Solutions

Formed in 1905 as the American Sanatorium Association and later renamed the American Thoracic Society, ATS is a leading medical group dedicated to improving global respiratory health. The association focuses on research, education, advocacy, and providing resources for patients and professionals alike.

ATS approached us with a unique and exciting challenge. They have an annual conference for which they generate a large amount of content that has to be accessible to conference attendees and others. 

What we did

  • Shopify migration
  • Custom design
  • Custom development
  • LMS integration

How we did it 

Using the company's unique branding, we migrated ATS from a poorly managed in-house solution to Shopify Plus. This was the best fit for ATS because they needed single sign-on and member-specific pricing. Both can be easily handled by Shopify Plus's exclusive features (Pricing scripts and multipass).

The project also featured several highly customized developments, including:

  • A deep integration with Salesforce to ensure members and membership status were always in sync with Shopify.
  • An SSO integration using multipass functionality so users did not need a different login for the store.
  • Using meta fields for product-level content. 
  • Advanced filtering on Shopify 1.0.
  • Implemented SkyPilot for delivery of digital downloads.

Salesforce Integration

We facilitated a deep integration into Salesforce using We created several flows within Tray to ensure the CRM was always in sync with Shopify. A customer login triggered the sync. At that time, Tray would look up the customer record in Salesforce. If it found a corresponding record in Shopify, it would update information and tags to ensure the two were in sync. If no record was found in Shopify, it would be created. We also created the below flows:

  • A one-time flow to migrate existing customers.
  • A payment flow is used to get data back into Salesforce for donor management.

LMS Integration

After the success of our initial project, ATS later asked us to help them integrate a Learning Management System (LMS) integration. The challenge was to add courses and certifications as an offering to their community while keeping the experiences as centralized as possible. 

We worked with them to integrate a system that would:

  • Allow the ATS staff to create courses as products on the LMS platform that feed into the Shopify platform.
  • Allow customers to buy the products and other content and check out on Shopify.
  • Trigger a new account created on the LMS platform.
  • Generate an email with a link that gives the user access to the course.


The migration and custom development improved scalability, making it easier for rules to be updated without the help of a developer later. The advanced filtering made the site easier to navigate, improving UX. 

The Salesforce integration simplified user management, and the LMS integration helped ATS manage all course content in one place by pushing information from the LMS system to Shopify. 

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