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Moscot - An Eye-Catching, Data-Driven Revamp

Moscot - An Eye-Catching, Data-Driven Revamp

We were really excited to have the opportunity to work with the luxury eyewear brand Moscot when they wanted to optimize their eCommerce store based on data-driven insights. The company's objective was to acquire structured and consistent updates to the eCommerce store based on quantifiable data insights. 

What we did

  • Full UX-CRO audit
  • Tailored tech stack integration
  • Custom theme and redesign

How we did it

Data drives success, so our first step was to do a full audit with fascinating insights. Based on unique data and Moscot's requirements, we implemented a tailored tech stack, integrating various tools and platforms to ensure a seamless and secure shopping experience. 


Working with several current and new third-party vendors meant that we had to plan the launch day with precision. Legacy fulfillment systems often present systems that have to be upgraded or completely re-imagined. 

Techstack integration with SAP, Global-e, and Moscot's proprietary HIPAA-compliant bespoke technical solution had to be integrated, tested, and launched without impacting the customer experience. Order processing for a global brand like Moscot meant that we had to account for different markets, languages, and currencies. 

With the data-driven Shopify Plus optimization, we provided enhanced scalability, flexibility, and a secure environment for online transactions. By replacing Flow with Global-e, we moved to native checkout, optimizing this process and setting the stage for future development using Checkout Extensibility and other enhancements from Shopify.


On the front end, we rethemed the Moscot eCommerce store with a complete, visually appealing redesign and a customized theme focused on UX enhancement. 

It included a bespoke design that aligns with the brand's identity and a custom feature that allows customers to build personalized eyewear by selecting frame styles, lens types, and coatings. Our goal was to offer a distinctive shopping experience, and we nailed it!

We're Still Doing It

Partnerships are essential for success, and being part of the Moscot team is an exceptional experience.


By implementing this tailored tech stack and design enhancements, we successfully addressed Moscot's unique requirements, resulting in an improved online presence, enhanced customer experience, and optimized backend operations. We are thrilled with our continued work with a time-honored brand like Moscot. 

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