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[Podcast] Store Review: Frank Body

[Podcast] Store Review: Frank Body

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00:00:01 Daria Rose 

Hello and happy Friday ecom stand up. 

00:00:05 Daria Rose 

It's another, actually. It's a unusually warm day here in today. I'm in New Jersey again. I think it's going to be 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so like. 

00:00:17 Daria Rose 

What's that for you 2324? 

00:00:21 Belinda Anderton 

I mean, that's that's a little nip. 

00:00:24 Daria Rose 

For those of you who don't know, I don't know if we've mentioned that Belinda lives in Brazil. You, you know she might fool you with her accent, but Belinda lives right outside of Sao Paulo, right? 

00:00:37 Belinda Anderton 

That's right, Yep, I'm a professional expat. So kind of a mid Atlantic colonial. 

00:00:45 Belinda Anderton 

We had accent but currently living in Brazil, sunny Brazil, warm Brazil. 

00:00:51 Daria Rose 

And it's what's the temperature, right? 

00:00:52 Daria Rose 

Now like 40 Celsius or like 110. 

00:00:55 Belinda Anderton 

No, no, not yet it's. 

00:00:59 Belinda Anderton 

I don't know about 30. 

00:01:02 Daria Rose 

00:01:02 Belinda Anderton 

Right now, but it is only 10:00 o'clock in the morning. 


Oh wow. 

00:01:06 Daria Rose 

So that's that is 90 for our American listeners. 

00:01:11 Daria Rose 

Uhm, anyway I'm really excited about today's episode because today we are doing our first E. Com website review slash takedown. 

00:01:26 Daria Rose 

We don't know if it's going to be a positive review or a negative. Briefly review or a combination of both. 

00:01:33 Daria Rose 

But I basically we have a list of 25 websites that we'll put in the episode notes and we are going to basically spin spin a wheel or use a random number generator to figure out which of those websites we're going to be reviewing, and I think we'll probably have time for two. 

00:01:52 Daria Rose 

But I think we'll make this a regular show segment, so I'm pretty excited. 

00:01:57 Belinda Anderton 

Let's do it. 

00:01:58 Daria Rose 

Blend anything to add. Or Are you ready to go? 

00:02:00 Belinda Anderton 

No, I'm ready to go and just to say we'll be reviewing just on a couple of kind of pillars. One is how easy it is to check out how easy it is to. 

00:02:14 Belinda Anderton 

To actually get the product, the second is obviously design overall design, although that's very personal and then UX. 

00:02:24 Belinda Anderton 

Really, you know the kind of user journey. 

00:02:28 Belinda Anderton 

Oh, and the last one overall cool factor. 

00:02:34 Daria Rose 

All right ready. I'm spinning the wheel. 

00:02:44 Daria Rose 

Number 5 #5 is frank body OK? This is so of the 25 of the 25 stores I've heard of most of them. 

00:02:56 Daria Rose 

We have bonobos. We have Dollar, Shave Club, ModCloth Popsockets, Warby Parker, Toms, Frank body. I haven't heard of. 

00:03:04 Daria Rose 

So I'm actually kind of excited too too. 

00:03:07 Daria Rose 

Take a look for free, not for free. For the first time. 

00:03:10 Daria Rose 

Yeah, Belinda are you. 

00:03:14 Daria Rose 

Can you get to Frank body? 

00:03:16 Belinda Anderton 

I I. 

00:03:16 Belinda Anderton 

Town indeed. 

00:03:21 Belinda Anderton 

The original coffee scrub your bathroom will never be the same again. 

00:03:31 Daria Rose 

Alright, so OK. Like so the 1st. 

00:03:34 Belinda Anderton 

So interestingly, I would have assumed just by. 

00:03:40 Belinda Anderton 

I would assume it was male skinka or some. 

00:03:44 Daria Rose 

Because of the name Frank. 

00:03:46 Belinda Anderton 

Interesting, maybe that's just. 

00:03:49 Belinda Anderton 

You know? Or maybe it's just very frank and and you know no frills, no, no frills Attash alright. 

00:03:55 Daria Rose 

My initial my initial, my initial feeling just kind of so so one it's it's kind of pink in color. 

00:04:04 Daria Rose 

All the photography is done in like a pink bathroom. The packaging has this kind of pink vibe to it and you know that makes sense from a design point of view, because if it's coffee, brown is going to be one of their like the other top color is like a dark rich coffee brown. 

00:04:24 Daria Rose 

So pink aligns with that really well. We see a lot of like pink and brown and jewelry brands and skin care brands, so that makes a lot of sense. But I do agree that you know, being Frank, Frank body as the. 

00:04:40 Daria Rose 

The aim. 

00:04:42 Daria Rose 

Does kind of annotate men, I guess, but I will say a positive positive. A positive is that I immediately know where what it is. They basically have instead of having a single image as their hero they have. 

00:05:02 Daria Rose 

A white panel that has their kind of headline get naked, get dirty, get clean which I love. The middle panel is actually a GIF. 

00:05:11 Daria Rose 

That is showing the product in use and you can see it's actually potentially showing multiple products in use because it looks like on the arm they're kind of rubbing a coffee scrub and then on the body they're rubbing a soap. 

00:05:23 Daria Rose 

So I see that they have both scrubs and body washes and then all the way on the right. I see a partially naked. 

00:05:31 Daria Rose 

Woman very shiny and lathered, so I I definitely know exactly what it is. When I get there. I don't really have any questions. 

00:05:38 Daria Rose 

Apart from, you know. 

00:05:41 Daria Rose 

Yeah, yeah, I don't really have any questions so so I would say if I landed on this from an ad or if I were to search for body wash or body scrub, I think they've definitely got points in me like I've got it. I don't. I'm just confused at all. 

00:05:55 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, I would agree. 

00:05:57 Daria Rose 

And they have a easy CTA. Shop your new shower routine like that. 

00:06:01 Belinda Anderton 

Now I love I love that. 

00:06:04 Belinda Anderton 

I love having a. 

00:06:07 Belinda Anderton 

Sometimes you just need to have shop now if it's a single product or you don't have this kind of routine, or perhaps you're not selling a kit, but I love the idea that I'm going to be buying a new a new routine, a new group of products. 

00:06:23 Belinda Anderton 

You know, sometimes it works to step away from just the shop now or buy now button and so so I love this shop your new shower routine. 

00:06:33 Daria Rose 

I would agree with that so, so that's great and and you know one of the things you said we were looking at was pads to purchase and clicks to purchase so we already know there's going to be one to shop the routine. 

00:06:48 Daria Rose 

Let's see where that's taking me that's taking me to a collection page. 

00:06:53 Daria Rose 

Of the products. 

00:06:56 Daria Rose 

This page, interestingly. 

00:06:59 Daria Rose 

I don't like as much. 

00:07:02 Daria Rose 

Because it's a little, I mean, it's little things. This is maybe more of a design thing, but one thing I don't like is that the hero image is not aligned with the width of the product gallery below. 

00:07:15 Daria Rose 

It's kind of inside a little bit and I I feel like it. It just is making my eyes kind of move. 

00:07:21 Daria Rose 

And then they have this kind of swirling everyday range thing that you see throughout the site, which instead, like I think, makes sense in a lot of places. But right now I'm just staring at it instead of staring at the products. 

00:07:35 Daria Rose 

And then I also think interestingly, and this is actually really upsetting. 

00:07:40 Daria Rose 

I was really brought in with the coffee scrub and I saw on the home page that it was in a bag. 

00:07:47 Daria Rose 

And I don't see that product. 

00:07:51 Daria Rose 

For sale now I see deodorant body wash, deodorant, body wash, salicylic face, wash. 

00:08:00 Belinda Anderton 

I'm also not seeing. 

00:08:02 Belinda Anderton 

Even when I hover over shop all. 

00:08:06 Belinda Anderton 

And they have that kind of mega menu. Well yeah, this sort of expanded menu I'm not seeing. 

00:08:15 Daria Rose 

Yeah, this is weird. It's under bestsellers, so if you go to bestsellers I can see the original coffee. 

00:08:19 Daria Rose 

Scrub, but I would. 

00:08:21 Daria Rose 

Say the site gets quite a few negative points. Oh, and Belinda, something we should do for this series is maybe even. Come up with a rubric. 

00:08:30 Daria Rose 

So that we can kind of end up with a final score. And again listeners. This is our first time doing this. 

00:08:36 Daria Rose 

We welcome any feedback you may have. Also, if there's a site you specifically want us to review, you can email us at ecom standup at DOT NYC, but I think for now we're kind of just going to go through and let let you know our thoughts. But yeah, I think. 

00:08:50 Daria Rose 

So the collection page I'm not happy with. It doesn't have the product I'm looking for. That being said, I'm also not happy with the menu because under shop all again you have specific products. 

00:09:01 Daria Rose 

But it's definitely not all the products. 

00:09:03 Daria Rose 

Because then you have the bestsellers. You also have different. You basically have a mega menu with different products under each item, but there's too many items and too many images, so I'm kind of just getting lost and it would take me way too long to find what I want and I would say one of our main. 

00:09:25 Daria Rose 

10X less requirements is make it easy to find what you want and check out with that. 

00:09:31 Daria Rose 

So why they're organizing this this way is strange. 

00:09:34 Belinda Anderton 

They're doing themselves a disservice because their whole SEO strategy you can see. 

00:09:39 Belinda Anderton 

Their site title, coffee scrub their meta description coffee scrub where I'm looking on Google. I'm expecting to see the coffee scrub and the fact that I can't. 

00:09:50 Belinda Anderton 

Get to it. 

00:09:55 Belinda Anderton 

Sort of on the home page. 

00:09:57 Belinda Anderton 

It's just part of the bestsellers. 

00:10:00 Belinda Anderton 

I am. 

00:10:04 Belinda Anderton 

I'm just confessed. 

00:10:04 Daria Rose 

Yeah, I mean it's just very strange. You know what I would have expected to go to to shop your new shower routine would have been a shop all collection. So if I click on shop all. 

00:10:16 Daria Rose 

That actually doesn't OK. It is taking me somewhere. 

00:10:22 Daria Rose 

That page seems to be broken. 

00:10:24 Belinda Anderton 

It's just taking a long time for load. Yeah, I mean it is a glitch. I would fix it, but. 

00:10:25 Daria Rose 

Oh no, it just took a second. 

00:10:27 Daria Rose 

Yeah, I mean now it works. 

00:10:31 Daria Rose 

OK, so now here they kind of have these little chat bubbles for I'm new on best seller. That's kind of cute and here. 

00:10:41 Daria Rose 

One thing I would definitely want to see here is a filter. 

00:10:45 Daria Rose 

Uhm, because again, I want to quickly be able to get to the type of product I want to get to. So a filter for scrubs, body washes, cleansers like something super super simple. I also think you know. 

00:11:01 Daria Rose 

I think there. 

00:11:05 Daria Rose 

Actually make it harder. 

00:11:08 Daria Rose 

To take in the product. 

00:11:12 Daria Rose 

Because I feel like maybe they. 

00:11:16 Daria Rose 

Like when I'm looking at the top row of products I see 12345. 

00:11:24 Daria Rose 


00:11:28 Daria Rose 

10 different icons out of 12 total icons, so it's not really doing anything in terms of an icon set and then very interestingly they have different icons for the same thing. So I see two scented icons. That one looks like a cucumber 'cause I guess it's a cucumber scent and one looks like. 

00:11:49 Daria Rose 

Honeycomb Kitty but like the purpose. 

00:11:51 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:11:53 Daria Rose 

Of that is not for me to understand what the scent is, is to understand that it is scented. 

00:11:57 Daria Rose 

'cause maybe I want something unscented. So it's definitely the service that they're that they're doing that and then. 

00:12:05 Daria Rose 

Yeah, they're also if you're also when you're designing an icon set or when you're going to have icons in your collection page or even on your product page, you need to come up with the three categories, three or four categories that you're going to have, and they need to be uniform across, right? So if the first one is the purpose. 

00:12:25 Daria Rose 

Right, it can be soothing. It can be clearing. It can be cleaning whatever the first one is. You need to have. 

00:12:32 Daria Rose 

Like it needs to be consistent throughout, so the first one is the same for all the products. The second one is the same, so it's either scented or unscented, and the third one is like vegan. 

00:12:41 Daria Rose 

It's it's the the factor, right? So I think you need to come up with some sort of formula. I'm not sure if I was making sense there, but you can't just throw three random icons together and be like. 

00:12:52 Daria Rose 

Oh OK, cool. 

00:12:54 Belinda Anderton 

I would agree this is. 

00:12:54 Daria Rose 

I would say the other thing is, yeah, sorry, go ahead. 

00:12:57 Belinda Anderton 

No carry on finish your thought and then I kind of want to wrap up where and this this we see so often on our own on our own sites that we work on. 

00:13:08 Daria Rose 

Well, my final thought was just that they have. I think they have too many little tags in terms of selling fast, new, et cetera. It's almost like distracting, right? I'm seeing they're basically the 1st. 

00:13:23 Daria Rose 

The top four rows. Everything has one of those little icon things where it's either like I'm new, best seller, free this and it's just like a lot in my opinion. 

00:13:36 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, it's it's too much. This is a classic case. Again, I love this homepage. I love this header by the way. It has just enough movement. 

00:13:46 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, to kind of make me interested to see what the product is and see it in use, which I love, benefits and features. I'm disappointed that when I went to shop your new shower routine 

00:13:58 Belinda Anderton 

Mean that I was just taken to a collection page. 

00:14:02 Belinda Anderton 

I want to see a 123. 

00:14:04 Daria Rose 

That wasn't relevant to the homepage image. That's the biggest thing you can go to a collection page for example. 

00:14:10 Daria Rose 

We just launched a new collection today where the hero image is specifically about the collection and then the message says shop this, but in this case the hero image is showing me the scrub. 



00:14:24 Daria Rose 

It's showing me. 

00:14:25 Daria Rose 

A body wash and then I can't find the scrub that's like very that's I mean, I can't really. 

00:14:30 Daria Rose 

I'm very disappointed. 

00:14:31 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah I am. As well I wanted to see a 123 and even if I do go to A to the collection page I yeah I I just wanted it customized and deodorant is like last in my routine. I want to see the scrub. 

00:14:45 Belinda Anderton 

The what the exfoliator, the scrub, the soother. That's a routine, don't use that word if you're not going to tell me what my new routine is. I'm excited when your routine. 

00:14:48 Daria Rose 

Yeah, order of stuff. I like that too. 

00:14:58 Daria Rose 

You know what's amazing too. So we site speed is a really hot topic in in today's Internet world. And what we say time and time again is. 

00:15:08 Daria Rose 

The site it doesn't need to be lightning fast, it just needs to not appear broken. I'm trying to get to the product page. 

00:15:15 Daria Rose 

Right now it's been I don't know how long have I been talking. 15 seconds. 

00:15:19 Belinda Anderton 

And we're on. 

00:15:20 Daria Rose 

I'm still seeing their. 

00:15:21 Daria Rose 

Little GIF of like a but a hot dog. Lips like scrolling back and forth. I can't even like this. 

00:15:28 Daria Rose 

100% feels broken to me and I. I mean I would have bounced already. 

00:15:32 Daria Rose 

But let's say they made it easy for me to get to the product page. It's not even loading for me where it loads and then it stops loading. By the way, they are not on Shopify so they are going on my email list immediately. 

00:15:45 Belinda Anderton 

Uh, I would agree because I think I think the I. I mean I love the home page. I love the colors. I wouldn't change. 

00:15:51 Belinda Anderton 

Really, anything on their colors? 

00:15:54 Daria Rose 

I love the colors. I love their design system. I like their styling. I like their home page a lot. 

00:16:00 Daria Rose 

I agree, I think the one thing the home page could use is that 123 'cause. I think that buys people into the whole frank routine as opposed to just one product. 

00:16:08 Daria Rose 

And then I think they really need to work on their collection pages and their product pages. I would guarantee. 


That's it. 

00:16:13 Daria Rose 

Maybe, maybe not guarantee. Ah, I would wager. I wish we could see the analytics for this site, 'cause I would wager that they have a pretty low bounce rate 'cause I think their homepage is really engaging and I think they're losing a lot of people on the collection page and on the product page. That that's my. 

00:16:27 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:16:29 Daria Rose 

Right, that's my I mean the menu. 

00:16:29 Belinda Anderton 

And that menu. That menu is just. 

00:16:32 Daria Rose 

The collection page. It's it's. I'm still the the product page is still loading. 

00:16:37 Daria Rose 

Are you able to get to the product page? 

00:16:39 Belinda Anderton 

I am able to get to the product page so it's UM. 

00:16:45 Belinda Anderton 

I am. It's got a lot on it, UM? 

00:16:49 Daria Rose 

Oh OK, I got a different so again the coffee scrub product page. I couldn't load this product page. I can load and I agree with you. There is a lot trying to get my attention. I'm looking at the poor ethics kit. 

00:17:01 Daria Rose 

Number one I see this selling fast thing again. I don't know if it needs to be here, I just saw it on another page so get rid of it. 

00:17:09 Daria Rose 

Then I see OK reviews is fine. I see the price I see in a in. For some reason a different shade of pink. How much I'm saving and then they have two different interest free payments. 

00:17:22 Daria Rose 

I see both Afterpay and klarna. 

00:17:24 Daria Rose 

Why do you need two different services that offer the same thing? Maybe they recognize one over the other. 

00:17:30 Belinda Anderton 

We're on the international site. 

00:17:33 Belinda Anderton 

You know, maybe in Australia because it's an Australian brand they have yeah their own. But again it's confusing. 

00:17:39 Daria Rose 

No, but I even see in the top in the top like free shipping bar. I even say it it says buy now pay later later with Afterpay or klarna. 

00:17:47 Belinda Anderton 

No, there you go. 

00:17:47 Daria Rose 

But I don't really understand why you would need both, but OK, that's fine, but either way all of this at the top is kind of distracting. 

00:17:56 Daria Rose 

Add to bag placement is good, but I feel like all this at the top could be condensed much, much more. 

00:18:02 Belinda Anderton 

So if you Scroll down to the bottom right to the review section. 

00:18:07 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, do you have the filter reviews? 

00:18:10 Belinda Anderton 

It's got like acne breakout spots, dryness, redness. I would have that on the home page. These are concerns that people have. 

00:18:21 Daria Rose 

I don't know, I wouldn't have it look like this. I would have a differently designed version, but yes, I do like this idea in general in terms of being able to filter content by concern. 

00:18:23 Belinda Anderton 

No no. 

00:18:33 Daria Rose 

But again, going back up 'cause I just kind of want to go in order. 

00:18:37 Daria Rose 

I am continuing to kind of be. 

00:18:38 Daria Rose 

Disappointed with this product page there is. 

00:18:41 Daria Rose 

A good amount of information. 

00:18:43 Daria Rose 

Then they have kind of this gallery which is not bad 'cause the before and afters are interesting. I don't know the before and afters are good. I like. 

00:18:53 Daria Rose 

This I don't think the video should live on its own, 'cause it's kind of by having so much content. 

00:19:01 Daria Rose 

On the right and left side, I'm not really taking in any of the content, I feel like. 

00:19:07 Daria Rose 

Uhm, they have icons here. Clears, hydrates, exfoliates. They have a free. It's just a little bit all over the place and then they have a section called inside me which just makes sense. 

00:19:17 Daria Rose 

This is a kit that I'm looking at so they want to know like what are the three things that I'm getting in the kit and they have how to use me etc. But I think I like the section. 

00:19:24 Belinda Anderton 

I like this thing. 

00:19:27 Daria Rose 

I think it maybe should have been all closed to start. I don't think inside me needed to be open by default 'cause I think people can click on that to see that and I think it detracts from the rest of the site. 

00:19:31 Belinda Anderton 

Correct, Yep. 

00:19:38 Daria Rose 

And then I think, UM. 

00:19:43 Daria Rose 

I think the rest of it is fine, and like I said, I do really like the filter reviews. I think the questions are great but but I'm not loving. 

00:19:54 Daria Rose 

I think the video should have just been a tile of the photos and I think they need to clean up the the right hand side details personally. 

00:20:03 Belinda Anderton 

I would agree. 

00:20:05 Daria Rose 

Alright, and let's see add to bag, so I've got free shipping. 

00:20:09 Daria Rose 

I can go to checkout or continue shopping safe and easy payment. OK, I think this is fine. 

00:20:15 Daria Rose 

Let's see when I open the cart, that's all they have. 

00:20:19 Daria Rose 

Check out, yeah, I don't know if they need a continue shopping button when they have an X, but that's just me. 

00:20:24 Daria Rose 

'cause then sometimes when you have multiple buttons it's distracting. You just need to show like a single thing for them to do. 

00:20:31 Daria Rose 

And then check out. 

00:20:33 Daria Rose 

Gets me to check out. 

00:20:39 Daria Rose 

Now I'm confused 'cause the checkout looks like shop. 

00:20:42 Daria Rose 

Oh, I know what they're doing, which again is silly, and this is actually probably why this is funny. This is why they have hero issues on the homepage. 

00:20:53 Daria Rose 

This is a headless site and we're going to do a whole episode. We might even do a panel on headless so headless. 

00:20:57 Belinda Anderton 

I think yeah. 

00:21:00 Daria Rose 

Just for you, if you don't know, headless basically means that you're using Shopify as your payment processing. Your order management system, your product catalog, but you're not using Shopify as your front end, so that means that it's completely custom coded. You either don't have a content management system or CMS. 

00:21:19 Daria Rose 

Or you are using a custom CMS or there are some third party? 

00:21:25 Daria Rose 

But it's very, very likely that it's probably difficult for them to make changes to their website. 

00:21:33 Daria Rose 

So it might be difficult for them to change this gift or difficult for them to change the link because they don't have the means to do it. 

00:21:41 Daria Rose 

And I actually even. 

00:21:43 Daria Rose 

More intrigued than it's headless because of all of the bugs we were seeing with load time. Yeah, generally you go headless because you want to be super super, super speedy. I just tried to combine fast and speeding super feti. 

00:21:57 Daria Rose 

And and unfortunately, what's happening here? And this is one of the reasons we don't always recommend headless unless we think there is like a real real need for it. 

00:22:08 Daria Rose 

It ends up being more expensive. You end up having more bugs you sometimes can't control the experience as much, and you know the benefits. 

00:22:16 Daria Rose 

You know they they do you. You do get to and that's also for the menu. They probably can't make changes batlike on the fly based on reviews that they're getting. 

00:22:25 Daria Rose 

Uhm, you know some of the. 

00:22:27 Daria Rose 

Benefits are that you do get to. 

00:22:30 Daria Rose 

Use your own URL structure. You're not tide to Shopify's. 

00:22:33 Daria Rose 

So you can. 

00:22:34 Daria Rose 

See Frank bodies is like slash US slash shop slash bestsellers. 

00:22:39 Daria Rose 

They don't have slash collection slash bestsellers and then on a product page they don't have. They do do slash product slash clean body wash. So yeah, I'm not really. 

00:22:51 Daria Rose 

I'm not really sure why they decided to go headless. It could be the internationalization, but that's not really a reason because they're likely on Shopify. Plus. And yeah, I'm really I'm really not seeing. 

00:23:07 Daria Rose 

The reason behind this at all? 

00:23:13 Daria Rose 

But that's just me. 

00:23:17 Daria Rose 

All right so. 

00:23:19 Daria Rose 

We thought we were going to be able to do. 

00:23:20 Daria Rose 

More than one more than one site, but it looks like we're going to only do one site. 

00:23:24 Belinda Anderton 

It was an exciting side. I think it's a great. 

00:23:26 Daria Rose 

It was an exciting site. Did we cover? 

00:23:30 Daria Rose 

I feel like we covered everything we wanted to, but a bit peace mealing. 

00:23:33 Daria Rose 

And so let's, uh, like. 

00:23:34 Belinda Anderton 

I should get some structure and I just want to make a. 

00:23:38 Belinda Anderton 

Based on what we were talking about with our guests last week, the product, the packaging, or you know, the the the labeling the little quotes, the little kind of raunchy quotes on on the packaging and you know the actual product packaging I love. 

00:23:58 Daria Rose 

I think the brand yeah 100 out of 100. Love everything about it. It's kind of quirky, a little bit dirty, a little bit raunchy. It really, you know, between the and I'm pretty sure coffee scrub was probably their first product and then they kind of expanded from there. 'cause it it really fits in. 

00:24:15 Daria Rose 

That way, but now I'm obsessed with the packaging. I'm. I mean, we've talked about that design system packaging, general branding, 10 out of 10. 

00:24:25 Daria Rose 

Home page design I would say. 

00:24:29 Daria Rose 

8 1/2 out of 10. The only reason is there's one section and I think it's just loading and broken for me, but below the quote there I see coffee based skin. 

00:24:39 Daria Rose 

Care to leave you smooth and then? 

00:24:40 Daria Rose 

I see this loading GIF again. 

00:24:43 Daria Rose 

I haven't been able. 

00:24:43 Daria Rose 

To see if there's anything in that section at all. 

00:24:46 Daria Rose 

I've tried reloading, oh it's bestsellers, and then it goes away. 

00:24:51 Daria Rose 

So if that was bestsellers, I would I would increase by half a point and then I do think Belinda like you said it's missing a little bit of that, why? 

00:25:02 Daria Rose 

Outside of the top. 

00:25:05 Daria Rose 

Your reception and then the quote. I'm not really learning like why I need this product for my routine and I'm not getting my questions answered immediately in terms of acne, redness, etc. So 8 1/2 out of 10, maybe even eight. Now that I'm thinking about it. 

00:25:25 Daria Rose 

Three, yeah, I really don't like this navigation. It's hard for me to find what I want. Chappal is confusing. 

00:25:32 Daria Rose 

Uhm, I think the GIFs and photos on the right hand side don't really match anything. I don't even like the order that things are in really not a fan of the navigation. 

00:25:43 Daria Rose 

And then on top of that they have this hover effect throughout the whole site where you can see a different image, but then they don't do that on the navigation on the navigation. They just kind of lift the product. 

00:25:53 Daria Rose 

A little bit when this is really where I want to see maybe the texture or something else about the product. So three out of 10 on the NAV. 

00:26:00 Daria Rose 

Maybe even lower. I'm trying to think about what is redeeming on the NAV, not much. 

00:26:04 Daria Rose 

Uhm collection page. 

00:26:11 Daria Rose 

4 maybe five out of 10 UM, we kind of listed out the issues pretty extensively before, but I don't like their icon system. 

00:26:21 Daria Rose 

They do have a quick add to bag function which is nice. I think their best seller selling selling fast tags are too much. And then there's a bit of an inconsistency. 

00:26:31 Daria Rose 

On their hover effects. 

00:26:33 Daria Rose 

Sometimes they show the product in use, which I think is the best, so the original coffee scrub is the best one. 

00:26:38 Daria Rose 

Sometimes they just show somebody holding the product, which I think is kind of a useless second image. I don't need to see someone holding deodorant and then sometimes they have products like falling in or out of the bag. So generally if you have a second image. 

00:26:52 Daria Rose 

However, try and make it as consistent as possible so that it's telling the full story. 

00:26:57 Daria Rose 

And then I think product page. 

00:27:00 Daria Rose 

Again, maybe five or six out of 10. I think it is giving me the information. It definitely loses a point or two for the loading issues I was seeing. 

00:27:08 Daria Rose 

I really don't like the video. I think the inside me section should be closed and then I think this top part where you out now. OK now that I'm on the AU side, I don't see claren. I'd just see after. 

00:27:20 Daria Rose 

Pay and it already looks better with only one quick pay option, but again, just pick one. I don't really see why you would have both except for brand recognition, but I think at least at this point people know both of them. 

00:27:35 Daria Rose 

Or maybe you already have an account with klarna, so you I don't know. I I don't think that's really like like. 

00:27:41 Daria Rose 

Their products also aren't that expensive, so it's not as if like if it was a $900 product. 

00:27:46 Daria Rose 

I get it. More people would want to split it up. This is like a $34 product so. 

00:27:49 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, I mean I'm I'm just getting now 502 errors just so it's. Yeah, there's definitely a load speed and it's just not. 

00:27:55 Daria Rose 

How are you? 

00:28:01 Belinda Anderton 

You know it's just not calling it from the server. 

00:28:04 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, but you know, on that, if you're you know if you are a site owner. Basically what that means is. 

00:28:12 Belinda Anderton 

Either the query is taking too. 

00:28:13 Belinda Anderton 

Long uhm, or you're running like scripts processes? 

00:28:18 Belinda Anderton 

On the page. 

00:28:20 Belinda Anderton 

So yeah, that's again the downside of going headless. You need to have a Webmaster on call. 

00:28:28 Belinda Anderton 

In many in many, many scenarios. 

00:28:28 Daria Rose 

Yeah, absolutely. 

00:28:32 Daria Rose 

You definitely can't. Yeah, if you're going headless and you used an agency, you definitely need to have some sort of contract with them for 24 hour or less updates. Or you need to have someone on staff who can handle updates like this, I think. 

00:28:47 Daria Rose 

Unfortunately, too many agencies might not get back to you for a week or two might not be able to fix things and. 

00:28:53 Daria Rose 

Who knows what sort of sales you might be losing based on that? 

00:28:58 Daria Rose 

Anyway, we were almost on time, but that was so fun. I think we should do this every few weeks. 

00:29:01 Belinda Anderton 

I'm so fun. 

00:29:03 Daria Rose 

This is, I think, one of my. 

00:29:04 Daria Rose 

Favorite episodes so far. 


It is. 

00:29:06 Daria Rose 

And the good thing is that there is basically countless ecommerce sites online that we can do this for. 

00:29:12 Daria Rose 

We have our list of 25 that we can keep pulling from to start and then like I said listeners if you have. 

00:29:17 Daria Rose 

Any suggestions or any sites you want us? Either your site or a friend site or a site that you happen to love or hate, or anything like that. 

00:29:25 Daria Rose 

We would love to take suggestions. The email address is E com stand up all one word at dot NYC. 

00:29:33 Daria Rose 

And feel free to ask us any other questions or give us any other episode ideas there as well. 


I love it. 

00:29:41 Daria Rose 

Awesome. Alright well happy Friday. 

00:29:42 Belinda Anderton 

You gotta be honest, I prefer to drink my coffee. 

00:29:46 Belinda Anderton 

Rather than rub it on me but you. 

00:29:47 Belinda Anderton 

Know I'll give it a go. 

00:29:50 Daria Rose 

Well, I do sorry I will say as a final thing I actually do make my own coffee scrub so like whether you need to spend money on coffee scrub is another question mark. I literally just mix coconut oil with my husband. Used coffee coffee. 

00:29:56 Belinda Anderton 

There you go. 

00:30:05 Daria Rose 

Grinds and 

00:30:07 Daria Rose 

It works really well. The coconut oil is amazing. The coffee is amazing. The only downside to making yourself, which I'm not even sure if it's a downside is it only lasts a couple days. 

00:30:17 Daria Rose 

So you need to come remake it every few days. 

00:30:22 Daria Rose 

But I agree, I do prefer I actually might go make a second coffee. I am tired today. 

00:30:28 Daria Rose 

Anyway, Happy Friday, happy weekend. Hope you enjoy today's episode. Like I said, we're going to do more of these. 

00:30:34 Daria Rose 

I really enjoyed this one. We're also going to start having more guests on, so keep on listening and have a good weekend. 


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