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[Podcast] You've Launched! Now What?

[Podcast] You've Launched! Now What?

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00:00:01 Daria Rose 

Hello everyone and welcome to E com stand up with Dorian Bell. Hope you are all enjoying your week so far. How are you doing Belinda? 

00:00:10 Belinda Anderton 

Excellent, just excellent. I'm I'm glad it's Friday. 

00:00:14 Belinda Anderton 

Come for us when we're recording this. We like to record on Fridays because we have a little bit of time and we're able to apply all the lessons we learned over the week and some of which are, you know, comedy, gold, standup, gold. 

00:00:29 Belinda Anderton 

So we look. We look forward to to thrilling everyone with some more E com tips and tricks, and and stumbles and fumbles. 

00:00:40 Daria Rose 

Stumbles and fumbles is right, and something that's super exciting for us. Internally, although for all you listeners, you will have already experienced it. 

00:00:49 Daria Rose 

We we finally finished our cover art for the podcast, so the cover art that you're seeing actually took us. You know, three weeks to put together. 

00:01:00 Daria Rose 

But we're super excited about it, and now that we've kind of got our rhythm where we're starting to talk to different guests, we might have and kind of, you know, really, get this really get this going. 

00:01:13 Daria Rose 

But anyway, this week we're talking about. 

00:01:18 Daria Rose 

You know you've launched your store now, how do you make it successful, right? We last week we discussed the things that you need to have in order to launch, and now that you've launched we're talking about. 

00:01:29 Daria Rose 

OK, well, how do you keep that going? You know obviously a lot of that is marketing content, networking, getting word out there. 

00:01:39 Daria Rose 

About your product, but there is also a an element of, you know, continuing manufacturing you need to do product ID atian you need to make sure you're dropping new products. You know we have. We have one client that. 

00:01:54 Daria Rose 

It actually took them about a year to drop their second product, which I would say is a bit too long between. 

00:02:03 Daria Rose 

You know launching and dropping the next thing 'cause you want to get your customers coming back for more. 

00:02:08 Daria Rose 

Yeah, so yeah. So to get to kick that off. 

00:02:13 Daria Rose 

You know content is king if you haven't heard that that statement, am I making that statement up? Is that? 

00:02:20 Daria Rose 

A statement that's a statement, OK? 

00:02:25 Daria Rose 

I never know, sometimes for. For those of you don't know, I have a foreign parents, so sometimes I'll say an idiom that is actually completely incorrect and I have just made it up. 

00:02:36 Daria Rose 

And if I do say an idiom, it's generally somehow incorrect. So anyway, content is king and and Belinda can talk more about this. 

00:02:45 Daria Rose 

Content is comes in many forms. One is a blog, two is social media, three is email marketing. Even things like pop ups really anywhere really. Any ads billboards, if if you're doing that podcast ads. 

00:03:04 Daria Rose 

Some content everywhere is really what gets your name out there, and so going to. Why don't you talk a bit about you know the benefits of content and why it's so important to a new brand. 

00:03:17 Belinda Anderton 

So, and this is this is interesting. 

00:03:21 Belinda Anderton 

For a couple of reasons, a lot of young, not necessarily along a lot of startups and entrepreneurs come to Shopify and think that. 

00:03:33 Belinda Anderton 

Shopify, although it does have excellent SEO and is set up for search engine optimization that somehow having that that good code and the ability to add alt tags, headings and all that great SEO stuff makes. 

00:03:51 Belinda Anderton 

Your site. 

00:03:53 Belinda Anderton 

People think their sites are going to rank number one that they're going to have great SERP share, search engine ranking, position, share right out the gate and you're not because the only way you can do that is by creating consistent clever. 

00:04:11 Belinda Anderton 

Content because content for SEO is still king. Once you've taken care of the technical, you need to get into the detail. You have to consistently. 

00:04:22 Belinda Anderton 

Produce content so you can't just have one blog and then another six months later because you're desperate. 

00:04:29 Belinda Anderton 

Consistency is key to make you know content. 

00:04:35 Belinda Anderton 

Some work and you can't just have blog posts that are. 

00:04:40 Belinda Anderton 

A string of a kind of keywords that you think that your customers are looking for. Let's say you have a T shirt, so you can't just have T shirts or great red T shirts by our T shirts in some kind of blog content. And here's why Google has a responsibility. Google or Bing or DuckDuckGo have a responsibility. 

00:05:02 Belinda Anderton 

To return results to their users. 

00:05:05 Belinda Anderton 

That are most likely to match their query if you search for ice cream near me, you want to be able to reliably trust that the results you're getting from Google will show you ice cream shops near me, so you need to make sure that your content is answering. 

00:05:24 Belinda Anderton 

The kind of questions that your potential customers are asking on the web. 

00:05:31 Belinda Anderton 

Content marketing has huge huge huge potential for your ecommerce store. So we've discussed blogs. You need to have blogs, informational pages, it. It doesn't have to be blog like you can set up a blog style, but think of them. 

00:05:50 Belinda Anderton 

As as answering your customers questions. 

00:05:53 Belinda Anderton 

Providing educational information to your to your customers. And yes, even if it's a T shirt store, discuss how your T shirts are made. 

00:06:01 Belinda Anderton 

Are they fair trade? Are they union made or their organic would find keywords that your customers are looking for and. 

00:06:13 Daria Rose 

And I think it's also blenda important to talk a little bit about. 

00:06:17 Daria Rose 

You know the elusive viral nature of the the Internet we live in today, right? And the content that you want to make. 

00:06:29 Daria Rose 

Yes, you definitely have to write blog posts outside of keywords, right? They have to be interesting so you know a T shirt company. 

00:06:38 Daria Rose 

Might be a hard sell, but we work with some. You know, juice companies and other Wellness companies and they have incredible blogs and we've done some. 

00:06:49 Daria Rose 

Analytics on these companies where if you enter through a blog post, you're like 25% more likely to purchase something and you know, especially in the Wellness industry people are writing blog posts about being well, so I might write, you know, a blog post looking for a recipe or looking for. 

00:07:09 Daria Rose 

How to incorporate more fruit in my life? Or, you know, chaga mushrooms, things like that and these blog posts have a have a chance to come. 

00:07:19 Daria Rose 

Up up so that is very important, and then I might send that to my mom. She might send that to her friend so you don't always have to think about going viral. 

00:07:29 Daria Rose 

As you know, getting the attention of 1,000,000 or hundreds of thousands of users, sometimes even a small network of you know, getting people to send things. 

00:07:39 Daria Rose 

To their friends and family is is enough. But then also I was actually talking. No I wasn't. I was on a was listening to a panel about kind of new trends in social media. And Tik T.O.K came up. 

00:07:54 Daria Rose 

And this wasn't even that intentional, but but someone on the panel was talking about how their intern wanted to create a Tik T.O.K account and wanted to create some content on Tik T.O.K and to the owner. She was like sure, why not play around, spend a little some time on your day? 

00:08:14 Daria Rose 

Playing around with Tik T.O.K and they ended up. 

00:08:18 Daria Rose 

I don't even know what it is about this video, but it ended up getting shared 10 million times and their sales were insane. You know it's not, UM. 

00:08:31 Daria Rose 

What's it called? It doesn't get you consistent growth, but I think sales for the three weeks three to four weeks around when that post went viral were like 10X almost every day. And things like that. If you can create them consistently, which is difficult are always helpful. 

00:08:51 Daria Rose 

But the content marketing piece that Belinda was talking about with blogs is much helpful to more consistent results because it gets you a better organic search share, which we talk about a good amount about how important your organic audience is. 

00:09:06 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, that's right. And then of course, your content marketing leads into your social media strategy. 

00:09:14 Belinda Anderton 

You've really got to have. 

00:09:19 Belinda Anderton 

And try to build an engaged social media following. Again, it doesn't. It doesn't have to be big, but choose your. Choose your hashtags with care. 

00:09:29 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, spend some. Spend some time and money researching. 

00:09:33 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, you know can you develop blog posts? Can you develop a content strategy around your keywords? That's going to, you know, cut across kind of go and search share as well as different channels on social media. I also think just pick one to start. Pick one where your customers are. 

00:09:53 Belinda Anderton 

Pick one, focus on that. 

00:09:56 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, you may have to have the other ones because you have to have Facebook. You have to have you. 

00:10:03 Belinda Anderton 

You know Instagram. 

00:10:06 Belinda Anderton 

Do you have to have LinkedIn? I don't know. 

00:10:10 Daria Rose 

Pinterest Interest is another one maybe. 

00:10:13 Belinda Anderton 

Maybe and maybe Tik T.O.K, you know? 

00:10:17 Belinda Anderton 

Are are there other channels where you where you could be making inroads should you be? 

00:10:24 Belinda Anderton 

You know on YouTube should you be creating content on YouTube, content isn't always just the written word, it could be visual. 

00:10:32 Belinda Anderton 

Could you be adding video content to your site? 

00:10:32 Daria Rose 

I think I bake it. 

00:10:35 Daria Rose 

I think a big thing that come. 

00:10:39 Daria Rose 

People forget a lot about is that it's not just about the content you put out there or about the ads that you put out there in this day and age, you know word of mouth, especially through influencers and even through those. 

00:10:56 Daria Rose 

Social media competitions. You may have seen has you know insane effects on on things, and I think the important thing about influencers is you don't need. I mean yes if Kylie Jenner. 

00:11:10 Daria Rose 

You know supports your product. You're going to have crazy sales because she's you know the biggest influencer out there, but it's important to find, not necessarily someone just with a lot of followers, but someone who gets a lot of engagement, right? 

00:11:24 Daria Rose 

I think you know, Belinda. I'm not sure if you're a bachelor fan, but I'm a bachelor fan and I think. 

00:11:30 Daria Rose 

There are a number of different types of Bachelorette Belinda's making a face bachelor contestants. 

00:11:37 Daria Rose 

Some of them you know they they they win or or come in second place and they end up having you know a million plus followers. 

00:11:44 Daria Rose 

Some of them only end up you know, a couple 100,000 followers, but people really love them. The people who follow them really love them or they really have something to offer and another really engaged community is the mom community. So you can find. 

00:11:58 Daria Rose 

It obviously depends what industry you're in. If your product has nothing to do with moms, that's maybe not a good community, but finding the right influencers too. 

00:12:07 Daria Rose 

Uhm, push your ads and I think the same thing goes for podcasts. People really become friends almost with the podcast they're listening to their. There's actually a crazy ad that I've seen where it's like. 

00:12:23 Daria Rose 

Someone like listening to podcasts and it feels like they're friends with them, so people really like. 

00:12:30 Daria Rose 

That and people really respect the opinions of the podcast that they listen to, so I think that's very important to consider and then probably the other thing that does really, really well is Instagram competitions. 

00:12:43 Daria Rose 

So I'm sure you've seen them where you have to like, you know, a group of five people and you know, maybe tag a friend and you get. 

00:12:51 Daria Rose 

One entry for every friend you've tagged and you know the prices are starting to get pretty crazy. I've seen a couple where they give away a peloton for up to $2000 in cash, if that's what you want, and the influencers themselves are not crazy big, but I think having these. 

00:13:09 Daria Rose 

Interesting rewards just gets you. It does get you the followers, it gets you the engagement. It gets you engagement across a couple of brands. 

00:13:17 Daria Rose 

And yeah, you you don't need to reach a zillion people, but you need to reach 1000 engaged people. 

00:13:26 Belinda Anderton 

Right, so that actually. 

00:13:29 Belinda Anderton 

I want to ask you now because I'm I'm pretty bad at this, but I know it's important customer service post launch. 

00:13:38 Daria Rose 

Oh yeah. 

00:13:39 Belinda Anderton 

I I always think that there's there's this kind of old marketing idiom, a dodge that is like you know, if you please one customer, they'll tell 5. 

00:13:51 Belinda Anderton 

But if if you **** one customer off, they're going to tell 100 people there they can get like word of mouth, the Yelp. 

00:13:55 Daria Rose 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:13:58 Belinda Anderton 

I don't know has Yelp died or is Yelp still big? You know with all with. 

00:14:02 Daria Rose 

I think it depends on where you where you are right. 

00:14:06 Daria Rose 

But no, I think that's a that's a really good point, and I'll actually bring up the example I gave last week about the coat company that I used and operations like we said last year, last week, last year. 

00:14:19 Daria Rose 

Haven't been doing this for a year yet, Daria. 

00:14:22 Daria Rose 

Operations is so important from a money side of things, but because customer service was so pleasant and yeah, they got my coat wrong two or three times a week, but I loved that they were so sweet. 

00:14:32 Belinda Anderton 


00:14:35 Daria Rose 

It was so easy to deal with. I got the return label. The new code came within a day or two. 

00:14:40 Daria Rose 

So they responded to me really quickly. They were very nice on the other end and they gave me a discount on a future purchase which was a big deal and I've 100% every time. 

00:14:51 Daria Rose 

Well, not that I see people so much, but when I'm outside with people, people will ask me about my coat and I'll say, yeah, I got it from this place. Or if someone asks me. 

00:15:01 Daria Rose 

If someone is looking for a code, I'll recommend this company because I had such a good experience with them and hopefully that creates a bit of a trickle effect, so I think you know, Belinda, what you said about a good customer service experience. They'll tell five people. I think that's 100%. 

00:15:06 Belinda Anderton 


00:15:18 Daria Rose 

Correct, I'm trying to think of a bad customer service experience I've had. Actually, yeah I have. I have a great great example and I think I might have brought this up last week as well, about a hair care product that I bought that took 18 days to ship. 

00:15:32 Daria Rose 

So that was one where you know. 

00:15:34 Daria Rose 

They weren't rude. 

00:15:37 Daria Rose 

And they actually gave me 10% off of my order, but one. Their response was a little bit flippant. It was kind of just like. 

00:15:46 Daria Rose 

Sorry, we were out of stock. 

00:15:49 Daria Rose 

And then two weeks later I just got an email that I got a $6 refund on my order and I was like why did I get a $6 refund like not even an email saying hey, I'm sorry things were so tough. 

00:16:00 Daria Rose 

Because of that, we're refunding something like it just wasn't a good loop. It wasn't a good experience, and I'm not gonna tell anyone about. 

00:16:09 Daria Rose 

Even if I love the product, which it's only OK, so I'm not pushing it, but even if I did love it, I probably wouldn't tell anyone about it. 'cause I didn't have a good experience. 

00:16:19 Daria Rose 

As you can tell, all you listen is I shop. 

00:16:22 Belinda Anderton 

A lot incessantly so. 

00:16:25 Daria Rose 

So I'm going to. 

00:16:26 Daria Rose 

Have a lot of shopping experiences for you guys along along this podcast. 

00:16:30 Belinda Anderton 

Ride so my next question is chat bots. 

00:16:35 Belinda Anderton 

The kind of whole trap set up. Is it worth it post launch to get one of those set up on your site which is which? 

00:16:42 Belinda Anderton 

Which app do you recommend? Uhm, does it just add bloat? Do you need an actual person? Should you get a third party to do your customer service or should you be there all the time waiting for the emails to come in? 

00:16:56 Daria Rose 

I mean, you know. 

00:16:58 Daria Rose 

It definitely depends on the setup. 

00:17:01 Daria Rose 

I personally like a chat when it's a real person. I don't like having the chat widget when it says may respond in five hours. 

00:17:11 Daria Rose 

Yeah, because then I'm like, Oh well, they'll email me anyway. So in that case I generally would prefer an email. If you don't have, like we actually again one of our clients. They have a chat. 

00:17:21 Daria Rose 

But but it is only on when customer service is available to answer questions in. If customer service is not there or if you're not there, you have to turn this chat widget off. So I think it's nice to have if someone is going to be there. 

00:17:26 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, that's see, that's good. 

00:17:35 Daria Rose 

Otherwise, people are fine with email or even with text messages nowadays and in terms of bot versus person. 

00:17:43 Daria Rose 

You know, I feel like everyone touts all these companies tout oh, you know. 

00:17:48 Daria Rose 

It's you can create these things that sound human and it's like it never sounds human. You always know when it's a bug. Yeah, and I think that. 

00:17:58 Daria Rose 

Because of that, a person is just more worth it. I think. I think it also depends right? For some reason if I'm using like a techie service, I'm more OK with a bot than if I am buying a product like I guess customer service when I need tech support. 

00:18:15 Belinda Anderton 

Hmm, interesting. 

00:18:20 Daria Rose 

I'm more OK with a bot than I am. 

00:18:23 Daria Rose 

With the person going, I'm trying to buy a I don't know I could be wrong there, that's maybe just personal experience, but you asked what my favorite one was in. 

00:18:34 Daria Rose 

Interestingly, I think it's very simple, but I think lucky Orange, which is our go to analytics tool for Yep. 

00:18:44 Daria Rose 

Heat mapping and such. They have a a chat support UM. 

00:18:49 Daria Rose 

Option and like I said you can turn it on and off. It basically just says live support is online and it's a really simple basic tool that someone on the other end can use and your customers can use and I think it's it doesn't add any bloat because you have to add just one little script. Yep, that you probably already have for your your heat. 

00:19:10 Daria Rose 

Heat mapping I. 

00:19:13 Daria Rose 

I think probably the other ones are the ones that are like already customer service tools. Uh, Zendik, Zendesk, Zendesk, maybe, uh, gorget, gorgeous. 

00:19:25 Daria Rose 

Uhm, what's another one? 

00:19:29 Daria Rose 

Re amazes, OK? 

00:19:31 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, it remains is. 

00:19:34 Belinda Anderton 

Complex I would say it's not for the faint hearted. 

00:19:38 Daria Rose 

Sure, sure that's fair. 

00:19:39 Belinda Anderton 

So straight out the gate I I certainly wouldn't. Yeah, jump into. 

00:19:45 Daria Rose 

But I do think customer service in general is super important and I think it's it's more important to have quality over. 

00:19:56 Daria Rose 

Ability, right? So it's not worth having a chat function if you have a bot or if you're not responding quickly. 

00:20:03 Daria Rose 

I think another thing that sometimes is confusing is you'll chat with someone and it'll even say like John at X like you're chatting with John, but it's a team. 

00:20:16 Daria Rose 

Email, so you might be chatting with John or Bill or Susie, and then when you're emailing with them later. 

00:20:25 Daria Rose 

It's Susie when you thought you were talking to John. It's very confusing. I never like that. I always just say either let it be support and not give it a name in case it is a team or if you're doing email, just have it be one person and I think your other question was, you know outsourcing versus doing it yourself. 

00:20:43 Daria Rose 

You know, I think. 

00:20:45 Daria Rose 

There when you're first starting, I think it's good to do it yourself because you'll learn a lot. 

00:20:51 Daria Rose 

And it's anecdotal evidence, so you have to take it with a grain of salt, right? You can't get one complaint and then change 1000 things about your website. 

00:20:59 Daria Rose 

You know we we recently got a complaint, not we. One of our clients that the website was terrible. They just kind of kept going on about how the website was terrible. Meanwhile the website converts it, you know. 

00:21:11 Daria Rose 

5% it isn't. It is a multi $1,000,000 company so this one specific thing that the customer was trying to do was not possible. 

00:21:18 Daria Rose 

For the record, they were trying to order something today for it to ship at the end of April, which is not even a functionality I've seen on any site. 

00:21:25 Daria Rose 

Let alone this specific. 

00:21:27 Daria Rose 

Right, so so it's very, very important that you take every message with a grain of salt. If you're getting hundreds of messages saying the exact same thing, you know maybe take some action. 

00:21:37 Daria Rose 

So I think it's important you do it yourself at the beginning. I think once you're a little bit more established, you can definitely. 

00:21:46 Daria Rose 

Outsource it, but I think it's important who you outsource it to. So for example. 

00:21:52 Daria Rose 

We actually have a fulfillment company and with that we do customer service because we know exactly what's going on with all the orders. 

00:22:00 Daria Rose 

So that's a very good kind of hand in hand. If you're filming company offers customer service that's important to do, and sometimes there's going to be product related questions, in which case you know they'll maybe. 

00:22:13 Daria Rose 

Revert back to. 

00:22:14 Daria Rose 

You know we have another client that does supla. 

00:22:18 Daria Rose 

And that's a very tricky ground to walk on, or we have a client. Actually that does CBD based things where it's tough which questions you can and can't answer. 

00:22:29 Daria Rose 

So if you have a tricky product like that, it might be best if you do it in house, especially as you work on a script. 

00:22:36 Belinda Anderton 

All right, and for the I. I mean, I'm just asking all the questions here, but this is something this is something that bothers me and I don't know if it's because. 

00:22:47 Belinda Anderton 

It could be age related. I find pop-ups irritating OK, especially the ones where I'm hovering over the X because you know, I need to log out because I'm going to get a drink of water and they're like, but wait before you go, if you but you can get, you know, it just reminds me of the Home Shopping Network a little bit. 

00:23:08 Daria Rose 

There's definitely a time and a place. I think you know the the widely successful pop-ups are the ones that come up up when you first sign on. 

00:23:19 Daria Rose 

They give you 15% off. Those are used almost every time. Yeah, who doesn't want 15% off their order? 

00:23:29 Daria Rose 

And you know, just a little trick. Hopefully people don't kill me for saying this, but if. 

00:23:35 Daria Rose 

You generally when you get those discount codes, they are tide to your email address. So if you ever want to use it again, just check out with another email address. 

00:23:46 Daria Rose 

Uhm, 'cause that's how the site knows. If if it's you or not, so just a little hint there. If you want to get 15% off more than once a month. 

00:23:55 Daria Rose 

But I think that's definitely the most widely used one I I agree with you. I think the exit intent ones are annoying. 

00:24:01 Daria Rose 

I generally wasn't close to buying it if I'm leaving. I generally was like OK, I'm going to leave. I think what might be more useful and this would be tough to do, but some sort of time based pop up. 

00:24:16 Daria Rose 

Where after like 5 minutes, if you still haven't found something or you still haven't made a decision showing it, then like maybe you offer 10% off. 

00:24:25 Daria Rose 

You know 20 seconds after they they are on the site, but then 6 minutes later, if they're still on the site, you offer 15% off. 'cause that's someone you know when we're doing our analytics, we're often like. 

00:24:36 Daria Rose 

OK, well why is your average time on site 11 minutes? That means they can't find what they're looking for. 

00:24:41 Daria Rose 

Why is it taking them so long to make a decision? So that's when I think it makes sense. 

00:24:45 Daria Rose 

And you know, I think it's unavoidable because people want to try and get your email address to add you to their email campaigns. 

00:24:53 Daria Rose 

They want to try and get your phone numbers to add you to their SMS campaigns and you know I think 15 or 10% off is worth giving your email up. At this point my personal inbox is just. 

00:25:05 Daria Rose 

I think I probably get 200 emails a day from places I've apparently given my email to before. 

00:25:13 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, that makes sense. And and it it could be an important part of your strategy in terms of content strategy. 

00:25:22 Belinda Anderton 

I believe with the nature of pop up, if you phrase things correctly, it can really lead to to getting that conversion. And don't forget a conversion is not necessarily a sale. 

00:25:33 Belinda Anderton 

A conversion can be getting that email address. 

00:25:37 Daria Rose 

Oh, here's something we actually didn't didn't mention, and you guys probably didn't know this when it comes to a pop up. 

00:25:43 Daria Rose 

There are three types of offers, I guess four types of offers you could give, and I think we can go into the psychology of each of these offers in in a later episode. 

00:25:53 Daria Rose 

Uhm, but one is percent off. That's probably the most common thing you've seen. The other is dollar off. The third is free shipping and the 4th is free gift. 

00:26:04 Daria Rose 

Most used is probably percent off because it just gets valued into. You know the cogs of the OR cost of goods sold of the of the product so that we can risk this percent, but the one with the highest perceived value believe it or not, it's free gift. 

00:26:22 Daria Rose 

So, uhm. 

00:26:25 Daria Rose 

So if you offer someone a free tote bag or a free if you're selling plants, a free pot or something in exchange for their email, it has the highest perceived value psychologically. 

00:26:36 Daria Rose 

So like I said, we can go into that. I can cite some resources on a later episode, but I've done a good amount of research on that and it's it's the reason why. 

00:26:45 Daria Rose 

You know, I've done this before a company called the Sill. They offer a free tote bag. If you spend $50 or more. 

00:26:53 Daria Rose 

I originally went to buy one plant and ended up buying three just to get a free tote bag and so it it just has a really high perceived value for some reason. 

00:27:04 Daria Rose 

Probably because it has like like if you get you know 10% off $100 order. That's $10 off, but if a free pot or free tote bag costs $20, that's not what it actually costs to manufacture, right? It costs them probably a couple dollars. 

00:27:21 Daria Rose 

But they're selling it on their site for more, so it has there's some element of high perceived value there, yeah? 

00:27:27 Belinda Anderton 

I would agree with that. Very interesting. And yeah, most of our customers do go with the. 

00:27:32 Belinda Anderton 

Just a percent off. 

00:27:36 Belinda Anderton 

You just do a test on your store, I would say. 

00:27:39 Daria Rose 

Baby tests are the. 

00:27:41 Daria Rose 

Will have so many episodes about AB testing, but most of these apps and and I'm sure we'll have Privy on an episode. There are kind of pop up company of choice. 

00:27:53 Daria Rose 

But they offer really really strong AB testing, allowing you to show you know X percent of your of your store. 

00:28:02 Daria Rose 

This XY percent can see this, and then you can just see which one works better with your audience and then shut the other one down. 

00:28:08 Belinda Anderton 


00:28:09 Daria Rose 

AB testing is T any kind of last minute things we need to, uh, I don't think so. We haven't touched right now. 




We wouldn't. 

00:28:16 Belinda Anderton 

Obviously, email marketing. Obviously your content there has got to be nice. Very fine tuned and it won't take weeks. It will take months to fine tune your email content. 

00:28:29 Belinda Anderton 

But pay attention to it. It's not just offers off. You can't just say that you know like this week, it's 10% off. 

00:28:36 Belinda Anderton 

I'm just going to block people every week. You know it has to be around certain dates. You know, a lot of successful. 

00:28:47 Belinda Anderton 

Email marketers choose you know like women women month. From you know, women in business they they theme their offers. You know around around what's happening in the year. 

00:29:00 Belinda Anderton 

But yeah, you know email content is read. I read interesting. 

00:29:07 Belinda Anderton 

Interesting emails where people are not just trying to sell me stuff when there's some kind of take away, so that's another whole series of podcasts. When we get into email marketing. 

00:29:19 Daria Rose 

Multiple podcasts on email and SMS marketing and how you know it's also very interesting, just kind of a last, uh, last thought on an email and SMS marketing. 

00:29:29 Daria Rose 

I was talking to a client in Canada about potentially doing SMS marketing for them and they looked so shocked that we were doing it in EU. 

00:29:36 Daria Rose 

S They said it felt like such an intrusion to do it, and it's interesting 'cause it has high, high high success rates in the USI think 99% open. 

00:29:49 Daria Rose 

Rates with SMS marketing and. 

00:29:53 Daria Rose 

I don't know what the click through rate is, but the the benefit, and again if I was getting the same number of emails as I'm getting like if I was getting that many texts a day, it would be a different story, but. 

00:30:04 Daria Rose 

You know you you have way fewer characters you. You basically have a tweet's worth of characters to get your point across and then you have an offer and maybe a gift. 

00:30:15 Daria Rose 

A gift is going to cost more for you to send or a photo is going to cost more for you to send, but it's it's pretty cost effective. It's generally around, I think, 1 cent per text message. 

00:30:24 Daria Rose 

That you're sending out it's short and sweet and at least in the US, and we can talk about other countries and and what? 

00:30:32 Daria Rose 

Is happening around the world with different forms of marketing, but it's definitely a burgeoning industry. 

00:30:40 Belinda Anderton 

I am here in Brazil. It's WhatsApp, not so much text message, not so much estimate. 

00:30:44 Daria Rose 

Is there WhatsApp marketing? 

00:30:46 Belinda Anderton 

WhatsApp for business is probably the biggest driver for ecommerce. 

00:30:53 Daria Rose 

Wow yeah, alright so we definitely have to put a pin in this and have a whole episode about mobile app marketing I guess because that is we are at time but what a great episode. 

00:31:06 Daria Rose 

I loved this one. 

00:31:06 Belinda Anderton 

It was super. 

00:31:08 Daria Rose 

So thanks for thanks for your insight, Belinda. And we'll be back next week. Everybody chat soon. 


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