Xaymaca - Brewing Success Together

Xaymaca - Brewing Success Together

We were so excited to work with Xaymaca Coffee Traders, a family-owned and operated coffee trading company in the Jamaican Blue Mountains. Xaymaca contacted us to help them migrate their existing online store from WooCommerce to Shopify. They also wanted to update the site’s look and feel, and make it more UX-friendly.

What we did

  • Basic UX Audit
  • WooCommerce to Shopify migration
  • New theme and redesign
  • Content updates and storytelling
  • Future-proof back-end
  • Assist with updated product photographs

How we did it

Understanding the importance of data in driving success, our first step was to take a short but thorough dive into the existing Xaymaca online store and its potential for improvement. This gave us some valuable insights. Based on our findings and Xaymaca's specific requirements, we developed an action plan and got to work. 

WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

We migrated Xaymaca Coffee Traders from a dated WooCommerce site to Shopify, significantly improving the store experience for shoppers in terms of navigation, checkout, and engagement. 

Redesign & Enhanced UX

With UX in mind, we updated the Xaymaca online store's look using a suitable Shopify theme. We applied the company's strong new branding guidelines to improve the design aesthetic of its previous black and white site. 

Mega Menu

Our redesign included a customized mega-menu. This type of navigation is particularly useful in UX design as it provides an overview of all available options within the site's information architecture.

Mobile First

As always, our approach was mobile-first and included robust mobile optimization. Xaymaca shoppers are guaranteed a fun, functional, and seamless shopping experience no matter what device they use. 

 The visually appealing layout and streamlined navigation helped elevate the company's digital presence while making it easier for browsers to become buyers. 

Content Updates & Storytelling

With coffee lovers worldwide in mind, we revamped and restructured the site's content to tell the Xaymaca story in an engaging and endearing way, boosting UX and brand loyalty. We also added a blog section to the site, making it possible for Xaymaca to start blogging and content-driven SEO efforts without major changes to the site. 

Back-End Work

Behind the scenes, we ensured that any theme customization would be scalable, making the store future-proof. The transition to Shopify significantly simplified the company's ongoing maintenance and management tasks. 


Shopify 2.0 makes it a breeze for the company to add additional pages and functionality as it grows. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for Xaymaca to process orders, manage inventory, and track sales without extensive technical support or knowledge. 

Product Photography

With a brand new look and feel, we suggested that Xaymaca update its product photographs to reflect its improved digital aesthetic. We provided guidelines for the company to completely revamp its photo library, and the results were stunning!

What's next?

We hope to continue our partnership with Xaymaca and to help them with their digital marketing efforts and any future requirements they may have. 


Working with Xaymaca Coffee Traders was an absolute pleasure, and we are invested in their future success. Our collaboration significantly improved the company's online presence, enhanced customer experience and engagement, and optimized its behind-the-scenes operations.

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