Divina Market - A Delicious Migration

Divina Market - A Delicious Migration

Divina Market is an online retailer specializing in Mediterranean foods. The company offers a variety of products, including spreads, olives, and antipasti. Its offerings are designed to bring customers the flavors of the Mediterranean diet, with options for sweet, savory, and spicy tastes. 

Divina Market also features curated gift collections, a customizable bundle builder, and a recipe blog to inspire culinary creativity.

What we did

The company began as a B2B food company with an informational website. Although the site had a product grid, it just led to an Amazon storefront, which meant Divina Market had no customer data or conversion information. One of our goals was to fix this.

Divina needed control over its D2C brand and customers and needed help with its fulfillment operations. It also required a function whereby customers could order more products at a discount.

  • WordPress to Shopify Plus migration.
  • Fulfillment consulting, including setting up their shipstation account since they were only familiar with bulk fulfillment. 
  • We also built a bundle builder so customers could order more products for a discount.
  • We created a shoppable recipe blog.
  • They use Phantom as their fulfillment software.
  • Created a customized cart with a promo code box and free shipping ticker and directly added buttons for products.

How we did it

After analyzing Divina’s needs, we devised a plan that included a migration and customized functionality on the new Shopify Plus store, including a customized cart. We also introduced them to our bespoke software, Phantom, which they are now using as their fulfillment software.

Creating a New Revenue Stream

Previously, Divina was not selling D2C and instead focused on B2B. Setting up their Shopify Plus store with D2C functionality created a successful new revenue stream for them. 

Streamlining Fulfillment

After introducing Divina Market to Phantom, our purpose-built fulfillment software, we helped them streamline their fulfillment process, improving operational efficiency and ensuring their new income stream remains profitable and secure. 

Refining UX

We implemented several strategic features to refine the user experience and ultimately build the company’s D2C service offering. We developed a bundle builder, enabling customers to order more products at a discount, enhancing convenience and value. 

Additionally, we introduced a shoppable recipe blog, seamlessly integrating content and commerce. To further enhance the shopping experience, we customized the cart to include a promo code box, a free shipping ticker, and direct add buttons for products, simplifying the checkout process and encouraging higher conversion rates.

What’s next?

As Divina’s development partners, we will continue to support this amazing company with its digital evolution while providing support to them as Phantom users. 


We loved working with Divina Market and achieved excellent eCommerce results. This is what they had to say about us:

“The team at TVP are true experts in the eCommerce space and more than just an agency. They have been a pleasure to work with and made bringing our brand online a walk in the park. They’ve become an extension of our eCommerce team.”

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