Shopify B2B: An End-To-End Solution with a Key Enhancement Geared for ACH

Shopify B2B: An End-To-End Solution with a Key Enhancement Geared for ACH

We know how versatile, user-friendly, and robust Shopify is, especially in the D2C sector. For B2B companies, you'll be thrilled to know that this now also applies to you! Shopify's expansion into the B2B sector has garnered significant attention in the eComm world, and there's a good reason for it. 

Shopify B2B offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the unique needs of wholesale and business-to-business transactions. However, one notable limitation has been its out-of-the-box inability to accept Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, a crucial requirement for many B2B operations. 

But that does not mean it's impossible - We have a solution!

At Total Commerce, we address this gap by leveraging Bankful to enable ACH payments for Shopify B2B, providing a seamless and efficient payment solution. Let's delve a little deeper into Shopify's B2B abilities and then tackle ACH. 

Robust Features of Shopify B2B

Shopify B2B is equipped with various features tailored to streamline business operations and enhance the B2B customer experience, for example:

Custom Pricing and Discounts

Shopify B2B allows businesses to set custom pricing and volume discounts for different customer segments, ensuring wholesale clients receive appropriate pricing structures without manual intervention.

Dedicated B2B Stores

Businesses can create dedicated B2B storefronts within their Shopify setup. This means they can maintain separate inventories, pricing, and user experiences for retail and wholesale customers, all from a single backend.

Bulk Ordering and Quick Reordering

B2B customers often order in large quantities and require the ability to reorder frequently. Shopify B2B supports bulk ordering and quick reorder features, making the process efficient and user-friendly.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

We love data! It's crucial for understanding business performance. Shopify B2B provides advanced reporting and analytics tools that offer insights into sales trends, customer behaviors, and inventory management, helping businesses make informed decisions.

Integration with Existing Systems

Shopify's extensive app ecosystem allows B2B businesses to integrate with their existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems. It ensures a seamless flow of information and reduces administrative overhead.

The ACH Payment Gap

Despite these robust features, one significant limitation has been Shopify B2B's lack of support for ACH payments out of the box. ACH payments are a preferred method for many B2B transactions due to their lower fees than credit card payments, enhanced security, and the convenience of handling large transactions directly from bank to bank. 

The absence of native ACH payment support can be a considerable drawback for businesses relying heavily on this payment method.

Enhancing Shopify B2B with ACH Payments

At Total Commerce, we recognize the importance of ACH payments in the B2B landscape. To bridge this gap, we have partnered with Bankful to integrate ACH payment capabilities into Shopify B2B. This integration offers several benefits:

Lower Transaction Costs

ACH payments typically incur lower transaction fees than credit card payments, allowing businesses to save on processing costs.

Enhanced Security

ACH transactions are directly processed between banks, reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks, which are more common with credit card transactions.

Handling Large Transactions

ACH payments are ideal for large B2B transactions, providing an efficient and reliable method for transferring significant amounts of money.

Streamlined Payment Processes

Integrating ACH payments with Shopify B2B simplifies the payment process for customers, enhances their experience, and encourages repeat business.

Seamless Integration

Our integration with Bankful ensures that ACH payments are seamlessly incorporated into the Shopify B2B checkout process, requiring minimal effort from you to set up and manage.

What This Means For Your Business

Shopify B2B offers a robust platform tailored to wholesale and B2B transactions. Its wide range of features enhances business operations and customer experience. However, a significant limitation has been its inability to accept ACH payments natively. 

We fixed it :)

By integrating ACH payment capabilities through Bankful, Total Commerce provides a complete solution that addresses this critical requirement. This ensures that businesses can make full use of the benefits of Shopify B2B while accommodating their preferred payment methods.

With this enhancement, Shopify B2B becomes an even more powerful tool for businesses. It enables them to streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide a superior customer experience. As Shopify Plus Preferred Partners, talk to us about your B2B needs. We know exactly how to leverage Shopify for your success. 

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