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[Podcast] What you Don't Know you Need to Know about eCommerce

[Podcast] What you Don't Know you Need to Know about eCommerce

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00:00:01 Daria Rose 

Hi everybody, welcome to E Comm stand up with Daria and Bell. This is episode #1 so if you're listening you're in for quite a ride. 

00:00:11 Daria Rose 

Wow, I really feel like I have a a nice podcast voice, but. 

00:00:14 Belinda Anderton 

You do, you do have a nice a Nice podcast voice. This is fun. 

00:00:19 Belinda Anderton 

And we're going to be having a lot of fun over the next week. 

00:00:22 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, just chatting chatting about ecom because we're in. We're in the trenches with ecom, so we're not just talking about it from a sort of academic perspective or anything like that. We're building e-commerce websites, fixing ecommerce websites every single day. 

00:00:41 Daria Rose 

Yeah, exactly so for those of you who, well, I guess everyone is just tuning in 'cause it's the first episode. 

00:00:47 Daria Rose 

Yeah, but Belinda and I well bell for short work together at an ecommerce agency called TVP NYC and like Belinda said, every day we are getting. 

00:01:02 Daria Rose 

Down and dirty with ecom and not just you know $100,000 sites we try and work with businesses of every size 'cause we believe that everybody does it. 

00:01:12 Daria Rose 

Serves a well functioning ecommerce store and what we're going to talk about today is one of our platforms of choice. 

00:01:22 Daria Rose 

Shopify and what you may not know about Shopify, some of the kinds of ends and outs as well as you know why? Why we like Shopify? 

00:01:35 Daria Rose 

General so with that I guess before we dive in though, Belinda was talking about about how she was fighting with the grocery store. 

00:01:43 Daria Rose 

So I kind of want to hear a little bit more about that before we start talking about Shopify and and variants and all that payment processing. Fun fun stuff. 

00:01:52 Belinda Anderton 

Well, and it's an interesting case in terms of UX. I have like a a grocery store loyalty app. 

00:02:01 Belinda Anderton 

But it was registered to my old cell phone number, and I've always remembered the the password to get in, and today I don't know if the password is not going in and it will only let me reset the password. 

00:02:16 Belinda Anderton 

Via SMS. 

00:02:18 Belinda Anderton 

And that number I don't have that number. They don't have an email backup system, and then the chat lady. 

00:02:19 Daria Rose 

They don't have the backup. 

00:02:26 Belinda Anderton 

Going from chat bot to chat lady or chat. 

00:02:29 Belinda Anderton 

Chat person UM is unable to do that. 

00:02:33 Belinda Anderton 

It it has to be done through the app so that their back end their kind of their back end system is very bad. But you know I I want my loyalty points so I can. 

00:02:44 Daria Rose 

How, of course. I mean, who doesn't want who doesn't want loyalty? 

00:02:46 Belinda Anderton 


00:02:50 Daria Rose 

Anyway, well now onto Shopify I'm trying. I was trying to think of a good segue there into Shopify about about recovery passwords and you know, I feel like I spend half my day logging in and out of different things and trying to prove that I am a human to a robot, which is always fun. 

00:03:05 Belinda Anderton 

That's it. 

00:03:07 Belinda Anderton 

Well, I mean, that's and I. I think there is a segue because a lot of. 

00:03:12 Belinda Anderton 

Maybe not, not not the smaller customers, not your sort of e-commerce entrepreneurs or startups. Someone with a great idea and some product or who's getting product manufacturing and they know they need to build a website or a store, but even even massive companies, massive organisations still think. 

00:03:33 Belinda Anderton 

Shopify is a website builder like Wix or like WordPress. It's a place where you can build your website and there's some e-commerce. 

00:03:43 Belinda Anderton 

And money can be accepted. 

00:03:46 Daria Rose 

Well, that's a very good point that you make there, because one thing we you know we have a lot of people come to us and say, alright, well, why Shopify? 

00:03:55 Daria Rose 

Why not square space? Why not WordPress? Why not? You know GoDaddy website builder one of the you know millions of website builders out there and my response to them is always. 

00:04:06 Daria Rose 

Well, if you needed heart surgery. 

00:04:09 Daria Rose 

Would you go to a heart surgeon or would you go to an orthopedic surgeon? Yeah, you'd probably want to go to the the surgeon that specializes in in what your problem is or what you know what you need to have fixed, and that's exactly what Shopify is. Shopify while yes, it hosts and allows you to build your website at its core. 

00:04:29 Daria Rose 

Or it is an ecommerce platform and what you know you might be like? Well, what does that mean? What is an ecommerce platform? 

00:04:39 Daria Rose 

Is Amazon in e-commerce platform? Yes, but in a very different way. What Shopify allows you to do is manage and host a catalog of products. 

00:04:49 Daria Rose 

While also customizing the look of this catalog of products to your brand and to your customers into what works. 

00:04:57 Daria Rose 

As well as managing all of the payment, processing and cart and all of that, whereas something like WordPress or WIX or or any of that you know they allow you to build your website and then all of these other things are add-ons or afterthoughts. So with WordPress you're going to need you know 17 plugins. 

00:05:16 Belinda Anderton 

You're gonna need work, yeah? 

00:05:16 Daria Rose 

Could do what? 

00:05:18 Daria Rose 

Well WooCommerce, but then you might need other things and then we you know we've come across people who don't like woo commerce. 

00:05:24 Daria Rose 

So we'll just use a stripe integration with. You know there's a zillion things. A zillion ways to do it, and I think another another important fact is, you know I bring up Goldilocks and the three bears. 

00:05:37 Daria Rose 

At the time when I'm thinking of, you know why Shopify or what people may not know and. 

00:05:45 Daria Rose 

Goldilocks, right? She that there was porridge that was too cold. Porridge that was too hot. And then there was porridge that was just right. 

00:05:51 Daria Rose 

Or a bed that was too soft, too hard, just right. And what Shopify really allows you to do is find that balance right. It's not the most flexible thing in the world. The most flexible thing would be building some. 

00:06:04 Daria Rose 

In custom, but often that costs too much money, it's too much maintenance. It's a headache to manage. Your SEO is going to be all over the place. 

00:06:11 Daria Rose 

There is a myriad of issues with with building something custom and that would really only be the way to go if your requirements demanded it. Then there's other platforms that aren't flexible enough. 

00:06:25 Daria Rose 

Square space might be one of those, or or Wix where it's like, Oh well, I'm kind of justice in this box and I don't know what to do Next up. 

00:06:34 Daria Rose 

Whereas Shopify, it gives you that good balance of like OK, here we've given you the bones, you can run an ecommerce site with what we've given you. 

00:06:43 Daria Rose 

If you need more bells and whistles, you can build them on top. You can build apps that integrate. There is almost an unlimited set of options and I'll give you a really good example. We we're in talks with a food delivery company that's interested in going onto Shopify and. 

00:07:03 Daria Rose 

You know they are comparing different platforms while also thinking about you know do they need to go custom and one of their concerns was variance. 

00:07:14 Daria Rose 

And Shopify actually limits you. And this is one of our things you may not know about Shopify. It limits you to 99 total variants of a product and three variant categories or product options as they call it. 

00:07:31 Daria Rose 

And what that means is you are able like as a customer is buying something you're able to give them three sets of options. 

00:07:38 Daria Rose 

So size, color and material or fit might be those three options, and within those options you have, you know up to 99 combinations. 

00:07:49 Daria Rose 

So you can have, you know XS through five XL. Then you can have a bunch of different colors and you can have several different fits as long as the total number of combinations. 

00:07:58 Daria Rose 

Stays below 99. 

00:08:00 Daria Rose 

Does that make sense, Belinda? 

00:08:01 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, perfect sense and that seems that seems a lot that seems enough. 

00:08:05 Daria Rose 

It does seem like a lot, and you may wonder you know why? Why did they do that? Is there a technical reason for it? 

00:08:11 Daria Rose 

And while I don't work at Shopify, I can't give you the exact answer. I can say that from a user experience point of view. 

00:08:19 Daria Rose 

You don't really want to have more than three sets of options unless you're unless you're creating a really custom type of product, because once you have more than three option types, you're going to lose a lot of people due to what we call paralysis of choice. 

00:08:38 Daria Rose 

'cause how are they supposed to pick if you have a couch that's like completely customizable? 

00:08:45 Daria Rose 

It might be too much. What if I end up paying $5000 for this couch? I design and it looks horrible. 'cause I don't know how to design A couch. 

00:08:53 Daria Rose 

So I'm going to end up leaving. 

00:08:55 Daria Rose 

I actually have a funny story for you about that. Belinda, I don't think I've told you this story. 

00:09:00 Daria Rose 

I hate restaurants where you pick all the ingredients and then give it to them to cook. Have you ever been to one of these? 

00:09:08 Belinda Anderton 

I have, yeah. 

00:09:10 Daria Rose 

I don't want to do that. I went. I think this was a while ago. I think maybe 10 years ago I went to a restaurant in Boston where it was one of those like wok restaurants, right? 

00:09:23 Daria Rose 

And I had to make so many options I had to pick my base. I had to pick my ingredients. 

00:09:29 Daria Rose 

Sauce is how they cooked it all this stuff. 

00:09:32 Daria Rose 

First of all, by the time I sat down, I was like exhausted because I was like looking at all these things and I was like, I don't. 

00:09:38 Daria Rose 

I don't know. I don't make food. I don't know if if baby corn and this is going to go well together and then at the end of the day I had to pay them $25 for this thing where and then it ended up tasting bad. Obviously because I paid all of the wrong thing. 

00:09:52 Daria Rose 

When really what I wanted is just put five things on the menu. Let me pick. Maybe let me sub something out if you need to. What are your? What are your opinions on that? 

00:09:57 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, let me pick. 

00:10:03 Belinda Anderton 

Yep, too much too much choice and we see that so much on the front end. Now the front end when you go to an agency and you're wanting them to to build your e-commerce site. 

00:10:15 Belinda Anderton 

The front end is what the customer is going to see. Just always think about it. That's your website, your store. 

00:10:22 Belinda Anderton 

There are so many because we have a lot of sort of customer client partners who say I saw this on another site and I want it because it moves and it looks good and and I don't know 2015 twenty years ago you with you had flash sites with music and like something that could move. 

00:10:42 Belinda Anderton 

Across the screen, and I feel like we're kind of going back to that a little bit. There's just too much, and some of the most successful ecommerce sites that we've seen. 

00:10:54 Belinda Anderton 

Are the most simple and the most traditional. They just they just. They tell they you you go to the home page and they tell you a little bit about either what the product is about or the brand is about. 

00:11:07 Belinda Anderton 

Then they show you the product. They tell you how it works and then. 

00:11:10 Belinda Anderton 

You buy it so too much. Adding on too many. 

00:11:15 Belinda Anderton 

Bells and whistles and widgets and rewards programs and and popups and popovers and slide out and slide in. Just make it up. Make the site slow. 

00:11:30 Belinda Anderton 

And take away from the power of the platform. 

00:11:34 Belinda Anderton 

Which is managing your your catalog and managing your inventory. 

00:11:38 Belinda Anderton 

Uh, which I actually wanted to talk about a little bit just just how important that is that people don't know about shop fires that it is a kind of inventory management system. If you don't, you know you have 500 pairs of shoes and you don't have a where. 

00:11:53 Belinda Anderton 

The house, you know that they're in your basement and your mum helping you pack them and send them out at the moment and tell you until you you know, sell them all and can can make so much money. 

00:12:04 Belinda Anderton 

But how do you manage? How can you manage your inventory with Shopify? People don't realize it's a robust platform. 

00:12:11 Daria Rose 

That's a very, very good question. I'll I'll actually tell you another story. This was yesterday about about, you know. 

00:12:19 Daria Rose 

Again, people may not know all of this. So so again, Shopify is really four simple ecommerce ventures. It's an all in one solution. 

00:12:31 Daria Rose 

I happen to be very good friends with my hairdresser hairstylist, if you will. He recently opened up a salon in in Midtown. Shoutout to Mark Ryan salon. They're the best. 

00:12:42 Daria Rose 

And they have, you know, I went there once salons were open again over the summer I went, went for a haircut and they have a beautiful retail shop. 

00:12:53 Daria Rose 

And you know, as a new business owner, he's always looking for, for, you know, more avenues of revenue. He gets mentioned a lot in in. 

00:13:02 Daria Rose 

Articles in pop sugar birdie. All sorts of all sorts of. 

00:13:07 Daria Rose 

All sorts of different articles and you know he he doesn't have a way to capitalize on this. He doesn't have a way to capitalize on his email list, make recommendations to his customers about different products they should buy, and we started chatting. And I was like you. 

00:13:25 Daria Rose 

Know you could do all of this. 

00:13:27 Daria Rose 

Within Shopify, you have the inventory. 

00:13:29 Daria Rose 

Sorry in your salon, so you can you know your your receptionist can literally pull it off the shelf and as long as you have the product weight you can literally from start to finish so you can add your products. You can set up your inventory, you can allow products for pickup or shipping handle payment processing. 

00:13:50 Daria Rose 

Taxes and then once the order is placed you can actually create a shipping label all within Shopify and even compare rates. 

00:13:57 Daria Rose 

Actually today she called me asking a question. She was like, hey, you know a friend of mine told me about ship. 

00:14:02 Daria Rose 

Oh, you know, can we install ship? Oh on on the store and I said well, what feature of ship oh are you looking for? 

00:14:09 Daria Rose 

And they had said Oh well, well, my friend uses shippo and says that you can compare different priced carriers and you can just pick the lowest carrier. 

00:14:20 Daria Rose 

And I said, oh, you know you can just do that within Shopify. Now. Of course, Chipo Shipstation all these other shipping platforms are great for if you need more than that. 

00:14:30 Daria Rose 

If it's just. 

00:14:33 Daria Rose 

Basic ecommerce needs inventory management, product catalog, payment processing. Oh. Another thing people don't know about is order notifications. 

00:14:42 Daria Rose 

What about a receipt? Will my customers get a receipt? What if I give them a refund? Can I handle all of that within Shopify? 

00:14:48 Daria Rose 

And you know the simple answer is yes, you can literally handle every single element of your ecommerce store from within one platform. 

00:14:58 Belinda Anderton 

Every notification, UM, yeah your your customer get an impression. 

00:15:02 Daria Rose 

I mean, I could go through a list because yeah and yeah, branded order notifications that Li. 

00:15:05 Belinda Anderton 

That you don't have to do. You don't just set it up every time. UM, your order numbers are sequential, they're they're. They're unique as well for accounting systems. 

00:15:17 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, yeah. 

00:15:19 Daria Rose 

One actually very important point and I and I say this a lot to people. The primary function or the primary need of any e-commerce store is that it works right. Number one. You need to be able, not your customers need to be able to transact. 

00:15:36 Daria Rose 

Once you start adding all these bells and whistles like Belinda had mentioned, the ease of transaction actually decreases, right? 

00:15:44 Belinda Anderton 

Search right now. 

00:15:44 Daria Rose 

You're making it harder for people to actually checkout, so I'll give you another. Another example, I guess I'm just full of examples today, Belinda. 

00:15:55 Daria Rose 

Shopify has as we just mentioned the order notifications and it is. I mean I think there's probably 20 in there. 

00:16:00 Daria Rose 

There's account creation order notification, refund notification, shipping notification, delivery notification. You know I I could keep listing those. Those are the big ones. 

00:16:12 Daria Rose 

And we had we had a client that wanted better analytics over their transactional emails, which already is an interesting question. Because you already have other applications. And again Shopify does have basic basic. 

00:16:31 Daria Rose 

Email marketing, so we'll talk about that next, but there are other applications, clavio, et cetera, that allow you to run really, really robust. 

00:16:40 Daria Rose 

Best analytics on your marketing emails so. 

00:16:44 Belinda Anderton 

Is it cloudy or cloudy? Oh, can we just can we? Can we disestablish because I I don't know, I I I still don't know. 


You know, I. 

00:16:52 Daria Rose 

I didn't know for a while, but I've had a bunch of calls with them recently. I'm pretty sure it's clavio now that I've heard it from the sword Clavio. 

00:16:57 Belinda Anderton 

Is it cloudy? 

00:16:59 Belinda Anderton 

Alright Clavius there it is clavio for email not clavio. 

00:17:05 Daria Rose 

We are not sponsored by CLAVIO, but we can be maybe one day. 

00:17:11 Daria Rose 

So there are all these tools that allow you to do really robust analytics. So why do you really care about the open rate or click through rate of your order confirmation? 

00:17:23 Daria Rose 

You know, maybe maybe you do. So we we helped with this transition. We turned off Shopify's order notifications. We moved them to us. 

00:17:30 Daria Rose 

System that allowed you to come. 

00:17:33 Daria Rose 

That allowed you to track analytics, however, because it was now a custom built email right, it didn't use a template. 

00:17:42 Daria Rose 

I place a test order for this client. I got my order notification and I then got my shipping notification when I clicked on track. 

00:17:51 Daria Rose 

Nothing happened. 

00:17:53 Daria Rose 

I had no tracking number. The track button was broken, so now I've gone from having a fantastically pleasant experience to needing to email customer service, 'cause I don't know when my package is going to arrive. 

00:18:05 Daria Rose 

Am I going to be home? Granted it's quarantine, so I probably will be home. But you know, in a world when when Corona doesn't exist or COVID doesn't exist? 

00:18:14 Daria Rose 

I want to make sure I'm home, especially in the case of this specific client where it's fresh food. I need to be able to track my package. What's more important than analytics of your transactional emails are that they work, yeah? 

00:18:27 Daria Rose 

And that you know, is really a story for throughout the entire economics process, so it's more important than you know your bells and whistles and your rewards programs. And all of this is can your customers check out. 

00:18:31 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, yeah. 

00:18:39 Belinda Anderton 

Yeah, that's that's the most important. 

00:18:42 Belinda Anderton 

Uhm, it had it just absolutely has to be able to work on on the back end. 

00:18:51 Belinda Anderton 

And as soon as you start customizing, and sometimes I think a lot. 

00:18:57 Belinda Anderton 

Maybe there was an attitude. Remember when Wix when when when these website builders started coming out and while everyone used website or WordPress or Drupal or or Ruby they built those custom ones. That was the cool people. 

00:19:11 Belinda Anderton 

The rest of us just used HTML and and built on WordPress and then Wicks and these lower price square space started coming out and people were like, well, you know, if you're a real business then you have a customer site and we get a lot of customers who or clients who who want to use Shopify. 

00:19:31 Belinda Anderton 

At their back end, because it's immensely robust, but go custom to custom. 

00:19:37 Belinda Anderton 

With their website, and then they sort of try and try and build it on top of a theme or or they hard code it and we have a lot of people coming with this hard coding so. 

00:19:49 Belinda Anderton 

Maybe what a lot of people don't know about Shopify is that you don't need to know how to code. 

00:19:55 Belinda Anderton 

They do have their own language, but you don't need to get scared, and it's not. It's not a second class. 

00:20:02 Belinda Anderton 

A website filter. That's what people need. 

00:20:02 Daria Rose 

That is a that is. 

00:20:04 Daria Rose 

Yes, that is a very very good point. 

00:20:07 Daria Rose 

Absolutely, and I think you know if if you have time. If you're listening to this and you have time. 

00:20:13 Daria Rose 

Shopify has a pretty robust theme library where the prices range from free all the way. I want to say $180.00 is the most expensive theme in the theme library. 

00:20:28 Daria Rose 

There are a couple. 

00:20:29 Daria Rose 

Of theme developers that have themes available outside of the library that are a little bit more premium. I know one that's about $300. 

00:20:37 Daria Rose 

And basically what you get with these with these new with these themes is a structure. 

00:20:46 Daria Rose 

Of what Shopify call sections and a section is basically a row of a website, right? So you might have a slide show. You might have a row of products, a row of collections and informational. 

00:21:01 Daria Rose 

Action and by default without doing any customizations. What these themes allow you to do is fill in this content, select the order of the content if you want seven slideshows on top of each other. Great, you can do that. You can create pretty custom looking experiences without needing to know one. 

00:21:21 Daria Rose 

Percent coding knowledge. And then if you want which is kind of what we specialize in, we like to take these themes and because we are development and ecommerce and coding experts, we code on top of these. But what we never do is hard code which Belinda alluded to before. 

00:21:39 Daria Rose 

Hard coding is basically when you code into the theme, but you don't make it editable and what that does is it really traps cloud traps merchants into being stuck with something they've built. 

00:21:53 Daria Rose 

They're not able to change it, so if you are working with a developer or looking for customizations beyond what Shopify allows. 

00:22:01 Daria Rose 

Be sure you ask about hard coding and make sure that your developer is not hard coding anything they shouldn't be. 

00:22:07 Daria Rose 

Yeah, that's going to be a really important point because you know, as Belinda said, you don't have to hard code anything. You have quite a lot of options built in. And then if you do. 

00:22:17 Daria Rose 

Try and try and make it so that that your custom components are not hard coded. 

00:22:23 Belinda Anderton 

And it's that is editable that you can go in and change the copy and the content. 

00:22:30 Belinda Anderton 

And yeah, I think I think what a lot of people also don't know about Shopify is, uhm, we have merchants coming to us and they say but but but I've got a retail no. 

00:22:42 Belinda Anderton 

I've got a shop, OK, not now during the pandemic, but you know we have a lot of clients who have like pop ups. 

00:22:49 Belinda Anderton 

Where they're actually taking inventory from their basement from wherever they're fulfillment, and they're taking it to a location. 

00:22:56 Belinda Anderton 

But how do they remove that inventory from their store again back to like shop? Can Shopify? Shopify manages that as well. 

00:23:06 Daria Rose 

Yeah, that's another great question and I think the the salon I had mentioned previously is another good example of that. So number one Shopify does have a fairly robust point of sale or POS system. 

00:23:17 Daria Rose 

And they have. 

00:23:20 Daria Rose 

Card readers, you know they have an iPad app that you can download or or an iPhone or any sort of app like that that you can download and basically what you can do within Shopify is set up locations so you can set up your primary location as your online store and you can set up a. 

00:23:40 Daria Rose 

Secondary location 

00:23:42 Daria Rose 

Oh, I don't know if that worked. OK. Whatever you use, you can set up a secondary location, UM, where you can put the inventory for a pop up and what's even better is they have something called transfer requests which will actually allow your transfers, which will allow you to transfer inventory from one location to the next. 

00:24:02 Daria Rose 

So let's say I look 22 use cases. One you have a pop up event you know in Soho. 

00:24:11 Daria Rose 

Right, and you want to take 5 units of your 10 best sellers and put them in. Move them through this pop-up location. 

00:24:20 Daria Rose 

You quickly, very quickly create a transfer, you say from online store location to pop up location. You select the inventory as soon as you hit move. It's going to remove. 

00:24:31 Daria Rose 

The inventory from one location and put it in the other location, basically like magic and then as online store orders come in. 

00:24:39 Daria Rose 

They're going to remove it only from the online store location, and as retail orders come in, they're going to be removed from the retail location. 

00:24:47 Daria Rose 

Yeah, so that's an example for a pop-up store and then if you have a you know a brick and mortar permanent store. 

00:24:55 Daria Rose 

You can still do the same thing, so even if you have a warehouse right where you have hundreds or thousands of products, and even if you have three locations, you can tie each location to a point of sale location. 

00:25:08 Daria Rose 

And manage your inventory across locations. Very, very simple. 

00:25:12 Daria Rose 

One thing though, to keep in mind, and this is something that Shopify is working on, but I don't want to over promise and under the under deliver is multiple warehouse locations. 

00:25:23 Daria Rose 

So one thing that would have to be done within a separate shipping platform or a custom ERP system or something like. 

00:25:32 Daria Rose 

That would be optimizing shipping from multiple warehouse locations. So let's say you have a warehouse in New York and you have a warehouse in California and somebody in Arizona orders your item. 

00:25:46 Daria Rose 

Ideally Shopify would be able to say, oh you have inventory here and there. California is closer to Arizona. Reduce inventory from there. 

00:25:56 Daria Rose 

It's not quite there yet. That's the one thing that's a bit more advanced. I will say the majority of shop owners have one warehouse location right now, and especially with you know, I know, everyone wants everything in two days due to the Amazon model, but USPS can get something. 

00:26:16 Daria Rose 

USPS priority can get something from New York to California in three days. 

00:26:22 Daria Rose 

So you don't really need to have all of these multiple warehouses unless you're trying to get things somewhere next day, which might be what you're doing. 

00:26:31 Daria Rose 

You know, again, we work with some people who sell fresh food, fresh flowers, etc. It may be more cost effective in that case to have multiple locations, so you're. 

00:26:41 Daria Rose 

Not paying you know next day air on every on every order, but but that being said, that's again a very specific subset of customers and the majority of merchants can get things done. 

00:26:55 Daria Rose 

With one warehouse throughout the country. 

00:27:01 Daria Rose 

Anything else Belinda, in terms of kind of an introduction, so much so much, but we're going to. 

00:27:02 Belinda Anderton 

So much. 


So much. 

00:27:05 Daria Rose 

Have more episodes to talk about this I. 

00:27:06 Belinda Anderton 

We're gonna have more episodes. 

00:27:07 Daria Rose 

Don't want to give away everything at once and I we're yeah. 

00:27:09 Belinda Anderton 

Well, I think in our next episode it would be nice, you know, we we'll put this out there and and see if our if our listeners have any have any questions about specific questions? Not not not necessarily about Shopify, about ecommerce. 


Yeah, boots. 

00:27:26 Belinda Anderton 

Because Shopify and the platform and your website is just one part, the rest is logistics supply chain. 

00:27:34 Belinda Anderton 

Warehousing if you can't rely on your mom in the basement, then you know you've got to get in and. 

00:27:42 Belinda Anderton 

There are big warehouses and big logistics companies and then there are like some guy who knows a guy. 

00:27:49 Belinda Anderton 

And and is there a solution though, like kind of 360 solution we talk about that a lot with our clients. 

00:27:57 Daria Rose 

Yeah, absolutely. 

00:27:57 Belinda Anderton 

So I you know I'd like to get in some other people to talk about logistics. Maybe there are questions about, UM? 

00:28:05 Belinda Anderton 

Getting these amazing products from from the basement to someone elses basement. 

00:28:09 Daria Rose 

Yeah, for sure. I think I I think maybe on the next episode we'll go through a really. This was kind of like dipping our toes into what Shopify can do. 

00:28:18 Daria Rose 

I think next maybe we talk about OK. Well, what do you need to launch prelaunch right? What is the pre launch phase and then what's the post launch? 

00:28:28 Daria Rose 

And we can kind of split that into two episodes and maybe have some guests on to dive into that a bit deeper, and then we can, you know, go into the in's and outs of logistics and warehousing and all of that. Because again, it's not just the front end customer experience that's important it. While that is important to get people to buy your item, what's arguably more important? 

00:28:48 Daria Rose 

Is maintaining a stellar customer experience throughout the process so that one that customer comes back and two that customer tells their friends and they come back and kind of. 

00:28:59 Daria Rose 

You get this. 

00:29:01 Daria Rose 

Exponential effect so. 

00:29:05 Daria Rose 

Anyway, thank you guys for 30 minutes of of ecom standup. We hope you'll come back to listen to more and over the next you know few months and years we hope to have different guests on from different platforms. Different parts of the ecom experience talk to different entrepreneurs. 

00:29:25 Daria Rose 

Shop managers etc. So we really hope you TuneIn. 

00:29:30 Belinda Anderton 

Great and we'll see you see you next week, Yep. 

00:29:30 Daria Rose 

Thank soon everybody. 

00:29:33 Daria Rose 

Take care. 


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