Shop Here For The Holidays - 8 eCommerce Stores We Love

Shop Here For The Holidays - 8 eCommerce Stores We Love

As the holiday season approaches, our screens become festive gateways to a world of virtual wonder. eCommerce stores emerge as digital elves, ready to fulfill our gift-giving dreams. 

In this blog, we embark on a journey through the virtual aisles of eight of our favorite online retailers (some of them we're also proud to call our customers!) These exceptional stores have mastered the art of convenience and curated collections that spark joy and excitement. 

Join us as we explore a sleighful of eCommerce destinations, each offering a unique blend of quality, creativity, and value to make your holiday shopping experience simply spectacular. Whether searching for the perfect gift or simply seeking inspiration, these handpicked online stores will help turn your shopping experience into an unforgettable seasonal excursion.

Lonely Planet - Your Passport to Adventure!

Explore the Lonely Planet store, it will bring the world to you!

From captivating, in-depth travel guides and breathtaking coffee table books to pocket-sized travel companions and books about interesting topics from all over the world, a gift from this store will invoke the spirit of adventure in seasoned explorers and those dreaming of their next escape.  

TVP eComm staff pick:

Dog lovers would LOVE to explore The Atlas of Dogs a magical book of weird and wonderful dog breeds worldwide.

Buy a doggy book here

Totes - Style and Functionality

This festive season, unwrap the joy of giving with Totes.

This store stocks a collection of chic and practical accessories. Find the perfect gifts that elevate form and function, from cozy winter essentials to fancy rain gear that seamlessly blends fashion and utility. Treat your loved ones to the warmth of thoughtfully crafted items that make every journey a stylish adventure.

TVP eComm staff pick:

These Kids Unicorn Boot Slippers are a cozy gift for a precious little person in your life.

Shop for a special kid

Manly Man Co. - Celebrating a Manly Man in Your Life

The Manly Man Co. is where holiday shopping gets a rugged upgrade!

Dive into a world of uniquely bold and flavorful gifts designed for the ultimate manly experience. From savory beef jerky bouquets to boozy delights, find the perfect presents that speak to the adventurous spirit in every man. Explore this awesome store if you want to spoil a remarkable man in your life with a touch of humor and charm in the form of a "manly" gift.

TVP eComm staff pick:

The Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet proves there's no reason men can't get flowers!

Buy one for your manly man here

Isotoner - Cozy Elegance

Indulge in the joy of giving with the exquisite Isotoner collection. 

Since 1910, Isotoner has brought timeless classics and the latest trends to customers who love quality and style. Wrap your loved ones in warmth with of luxurious accessories designed to make winter indulgent without compromising comfort. 

TVP eComm staff pick:

The Isotoner Women's Recycled Stretch Fleece Gloves with smartDri® are made with cozy fleece and water-repellent technology, making it easy to stay dry.

Cozy up to these gloves here

Succulents Box - Living Gifts

Explore the gift of nature's beauty with a gift from Succulents Box.

This clever company offers a selection of unique and resilient plants that make for perfect, low-maintenance, living gifts. You will help a loved one bring a touch of natural elegance to their home for years. 

TVP eComm staff pick:

We love this cute Gift Box that contains a succulent and soy candle - it's a gift that will bring light and life into your loved one's home. 

Get this cute combo here

Acorn - Premium Comfort

The Acorn store brings you one step closer to seasonal coziness. 

If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves plush comfort and timeless designs, look no further. You'll find a stunning collection of slippers, including socks, moccasin slippers, scuffs, slides, clogs, sheepskin slippers, and slipper boots. The store also stocks high-quality Manzella gloves. 

TVP eComm staff pick:

The Acorn Women's Slouch Boot Slippers are so stylish you may wish they were boots and not just slippers. Luckily, they have indoor/outdoor soles so you can wear them wherever! 

Buy a pair (or two!) here

Anima Mundi - Transcend the Ordinary

Step into the enchanting world of Anima Mundi.

This online apothecary offers unique and soulful treasures that echo the spirit of nature, health, spirituality, and conscious living. Bring harmony and connection into your holidays when you buy someone dear to you an ethically sourced gem or an artisanal creation in this extraordinary store. 

TVP eComm staff pick:

The Anima Mundi Deep Detox Kit is an herbal cleanse based on ancient medicine practices - perfect after the indulgent holiday season!

Get your kit

Fuego Box - Heat Up The Holidays!

Fiery flavor takes center stage at Fuego Box this festive season!

If you have a hot sauce connoisseur in your life, artisanal hot sauces make an ideal gift. This company has subscription offers, or once-off gift options. Each sauce option is handpicked to ignite taste buds and elevate culinary adventures. 

TVP eComm staff pick:

The Fuego Box Mystery Hot Sauce Crate has five mystery sauces with various heat levels - a perfect gift for someone who likes to spice things up!

Heat up the holidays here

Go Shopping! We Know You Want To

There you have it, our TVP eCommerce 2023 gift guide. From the tranquil beauty of succulents that bring nature's calm indoors to the cozy warmth of slippers that pamper every step and the sizzle of hot sauce that ignites taste buds to the boundless adventures in the pages of a captivating travel book. This collection is a celebration of individuality and the unique tastes of those we hold dear. 

As we wrap things up, we invite you to embrace the joy of giving with more than just tangible gifts. We hope you spend time with the ones you care about most, and remember to take time for yourself! May you be filled with smiles, warmth, and excitement for the season ahead. Happy shopping!

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