Event: Women Shaping eCommerce - Pixels & Prosecco May 20, 2024

Event: Women Shaping eCommerce - Pixels & Prosecco May 20, 2024

A natural extension of the eCommerce Standup podcast, Pixels & Prosecco is a new initiative from Bel and Daria. We're always looking to learn, we love talking to women in tech and especially women in eCommerce. 

First Panel: Women in eCommerce

The inaugural Pixels & Prosecco roundtable will be recorded on May 17, 2024 and released on May 20, 2024. We're pre-recording the first one, just so we can work out any possible technical kinks, but the next one will be live!

We're also not sure where this one will take us, but we're here for the journey!

Our diverse panel for the event includes:

  • Alara Aktan (Moscot)
  • Anne Thomas (Design Packs
  • Mia Healy (Triple Whale)
  • Lea Kalani (Softlimit)
  • Jessica Davidoff (Cob)

The event is being sponsored and co-hosted by myself, Daria and Gabriela San Nicola from Disco.

We invite you to register to receive the recording, get notifcations of the next event, and apply to be a panelist!



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