eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization - Can I Do It Myself?

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization - Can I Do It Myself?

At TVP Learn we have a host of eCommerce resources that will help you optimize your online store and provide a firm baseline from which you can test, iterate, and report. These CRO resources will allow you to learn more about your potential customers and how to improve your ecommerce conversion rate. 

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It’s one of the most important aspects of growing an ecommerce business and yet it’s one of the most neglected. That’s because even though everyone knows it is terribly important, very few people actually know what it is, and much less “how to do it”.

Just to be clear: a conversion rate simply means how many visitors to your site make a purchase, i.e. how well are you converting visitors into customers. If one out of every ten visitors makes a purchase, that’s a 10% conversion rate. Conversion Rate Optimization (C.R.O.) is simply a focus on how to increase (or optimize) that rate, so more visitors become customers, and avoid having visitors leave your site without making a purchase.

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Resources from TVP

We're mad about CRO and the different aspects of conversion rate optimization for eCommerce stores. How mad? CRAZY FOR CRO! We wanted to develop a relatively simple way for startups and eCommerce entrepreneurs to audit their own stores and come up with implementable fixes, updates and ideas to help drive more conversions and revenue.



We created a course for Shopify that does exactly that! "How to Use Data to Increase Conversion Rate (CRO)" The course is structured over seven lessons, with a total viewing time of about 40 minutes. Of course, the analysis and audits will take you a couple of hours, but this course will really help you define and create a good strategy for CRO on your store.

TVP Resources for Conversion Rate Optimization

You can also check out the podcast ECOMMERCE MARKETING SCHOOL with Ben Jabbawy, presented by Privvy. Daria Rose, Director of Technology at TVP, was a recent guest on the podcast. She discussed the importance of CRO for eCommerce stores in an episode entitled "How to Find Your True Conversion Rate: The 2 Things You Need To Know"


So, how do you get started with CRO, exactly?

  • Don’t be afraid to fail – start small, even a failed experiment is the chance to learn something about your visitors. For example, you may learn what they DON’T want. Change something small on your website and if it performs worse than the original – you know exactly what your clients will respond to and what they won’t. CRO is all trial and error.
  • You can’t trust your customers or even yourself for that matter – this is why we experiment. You really can’t trust what your brain tells you that your customers want, nor what your customers say. It is the subconscious that controls many of our purchasing decisions. Doing CRO will help you gather definitive data on what your customers respond positively to. You really can’t be trusted…
  • Make (wild) assumptions – This sounds directly contrary to the point above, but it’s the very start of your CRO journey. Good CRO makes an assumption based on different types of data, and then tests that assumption to measure the response. CRO is an iterative process.

If you'd like to talk to us about specialized conversion rate optimization for your store, click here to learn more and set up a call!

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