7 Formidable Women in eCommerce

7 Formidable Women in eCommerce

The TVP NYC Stand-Up Podcast has been so much fun, and we've had some ridiculously awesome episodes. Our Women in eComm series is one of our all-time favorites. In it, we feature some of the most incredible and awe-inspiring women in the industry and why we love them. 

These women have paved the way to their own success, formed exciting collaborations, met challenges head-on, and used their experience and abilities to teach others to step out of the shadows and make their mark. All of them want to create meaningful change within the industry. They're all passionate. And, they're all 100% fierce. 

Forging a New Narrative

For centuries women have played an essential role in innovation, but it's primarily been in the shadows. Their contributions, ideas, and work have been footnotes in history, with their male colleagues taking the formal credit. Pay scales are still unfairly tilted, and the gender gap is very far from being closed. 

However, more and more women are ignoring the fact that they are underrepresented, underfunded and frankly, often have to suffer through blatant disrespect. These powerful women are harnessing their talents, tools, and tenacity to tell a different story, one in which they win. We love hearing their stories and sharing wisdom.

Rocking the Tech World

Whether they are designers, educators, or tech gurus, the women we've featured are shaking eCommerce foundations, and we love the idea of celebrating them. 

Taryn Winters 


Taryn found inspiration to craft delicate and beautiful garments in her childhood dance studios. The New Yorker left design school and created costumes on her own steam. She was entirely self-funded. After switching to lingerie, Taryn launched an  exquisite range of spectacularly sheer items handcrafted with premium materials. Each item embodies femininity and beauty. Her classical ballet training infuses Taryn's work with elegance and grace.

We love that this powerful woman only uses local manufacturers to handmake each item. It's important to her to FEEL the product. This passion is evident in every stunning item in her range. 

Shannon Loher 


Shannon started when she co-founded {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable clothing company for female travelers and minimalists. Forbes.com, The New York Times, and Yahoo! Business all featured Shannon and {r} evolution's successes. 

After years of industry experience, the intrepid entrepreneur took all of that knowledge and turned it into an immersive, personalized mentorship experience. Shannon launched  Factory 45 to help people (mostly women) to create sustainable fashion brands smartly. She works beside her clients to set up everything needed, including sourcing, brand identity, production, and even eCommerce marketing. 

We love that Shannon educates people to create a sustainable brand in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible. The world needs more people like this!

Kendra Clark


Being a successful corporate attorney was not enough for dog-loving Kendra. She is also the founder of  The Popular Pets, Madrigal Creatives, and Oui Be Well. Kendra also wrote an amazing book called "Motherpuppin' Adorable."

After suffering personal tragedies, Kendra launched her companies to make life better for animals and people, whether helping with physical ailments or bringing joy to hearts. We spoke to her about the importance of SEO and having a long-term SEO plan. Her strategic mind ticks a million miles a minute!

We love that Kendra is a forward-thinking humanitarian and how hardships don't get her down. Instead, they spur her on to greater success. We also love that she's the kind of person who thinks of putting a section in her book on "how to teach your dog to paddleboard!"

Rachel Tyers 


Rachel launched her own eComm brand in college and fell in love with the space. She wanted to experience every aspect of it, particularly the tech side, so she began working at agencies. 

A few years and some impressive awards later, Rachel moved from agency to app and is now the VP of  Okendo. One of the prized TVP partners, Okendo, is an eCommerce company that captures and showcases customer-generated content like reviews, ratings, photos, videos, and Q&A. 

We love that Rachel gets equally excited about tech innovation and people. She continues to push the boundaries of what it can achieve, and we can't wait to see what's next!

Amena Agbajeamena-agbaje-shopify-tvp-ecommerce-feature

 fter gaining practical experience managing eCommerce operations for some of the top retail brands in Canada,  Amena moved to work on the platform SaaS side and worked with some of Shopify's largest merchants. With experience on both the merchant/retailer and SaaS side of eCommerce, Amena brings a unique viewpoint of the eCommerce space.

Amena is a fierce advocate for diversity in tech and female or black business leaders, making the challenging role of marketing program lead for Shopify's Black Entrepreneurship Program perfect for her. She is also a popular speaker on the topic, sharing her passion with the world. 

We love that Amena is working in a role she is 100% passionate about, even though she is far from her comfort zone. Away from work, this multi-talented woman is also an accomplished artist, dancer, and acrobat. We love all that too!

Alli Burg 


Alli is a bit of a shapeshifter. She has successfully shifted her trajectory from her eCommerce consultancy to working for agencies and is currently a Partner Enablement Lead at Shopify. As a problem solver focused on delivering meaningful business results, Alli thrives in this dynamic environment.

We spoke to her about the most common mistakes merchants make while getting ready for the busy holiday season in our chat. She gave us valuable insight from the inside! Besides being a Shopify trailblazer, Alli is also active in community projects and runs the Women in Shopify Facebook group.

We love Alli's energy and enthusiasm and her deep understanding of eCommerce ecosystems and 3rd party apps and platforms. And we love that she's a qualified yoga instructor! 

Amy Parsons 


Amy is not afraid to take on a challenge. She not only launched an eCommerce brand in the middle of a global pandemic. Her brand,  Mozzafiato, is a luxury Italian goods store. Who doesn't need a bit of luxury at the moment, right?

In our chat, Amy offered some excellent tips on managing logistics and supply chain and how to make sure your launch is successful.

We love Amy's bravery! And, we love how she tackled business with whatever tools she had at her disposal - even when it meant trying to win trust from suppliers over Zoom calls. 

What's Next for Women in eCommerce?

Whatever they want! As you can see, nothing stops these incredible women as they continue redefining women's role in eCommerce and carving out their paths on their terms. 

As a female-lead agency, TVP NYC is passionate about women owning their power. We hope to bring you more great news about women taking the eCommerce world by storm in future podcasts. Look for TVP NYC Standup in your favorite podcast app, or try out Audible.

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