PRESS RELEASE: Setting Shopify eCommerce Solutions Ablaze

PRESS RELEASE: Setting Shopify eCommerce Solutions Ablaze

Total Commerce is igniting the digital scene with a rebrand and relaunch. Formerly known as TVP eCommerce, we are now Total Commerce with a brand new logo and look, and a focused service offering.

[New York City, New York] – March 14, 2024 – Get ready for eComm action, because Total Commerce is sparking a revolution in the digital realm! We're thrilled to announce the rebranding and relaunch of TVP eCommerce with a new name and a new look. But, don’t worry, we’re still providing the same excellent service the industry has come to know and expect. 

Our new name, Total Commerce, embodies our service offering of end-to-end digital solutions for eCommerce businesses, and our new logo and website design were carefully crafted to take the online marketplace by storm with innovation and intensity.

Hold onto your hats 

This explosive transformation is infusing our platform with digital and creative energy that will empower businesses like never before.

We've not just redone up our website, we’ve created a vibrant new logo and dynamic brand identity, lighting the way for businesses to conquer the digital landscape with style, swagger, and hyper-focused service delivery.

"We're thrilled to announce our rebranded platform," said Daria Rose, Director of Total Commerce. "This relaunch isn't just about upgrading our branding – it's about setting the digital scene ablaze and forging a path to greatness. We're here to light the way and burn bright!"

For the inside scoop on the Total Commerce rebranding and our suite of Shopify eCommerce solutions, fan the flames here.  

About Total Commerce

Total Commerce is your ultimate ally in the wild world of eCommerce. We're here to ignite passions, spark innovation, and turn up the heat in the digital arena. Let's talk about what we can do for your business. 

For media inquiries, contact:

Daria Rose


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